3 reasons to attend beGLOBAL San Francisco 2015
2015년 10월 13일


Since beginning in 2012 as beLAUNCH, beGLOBAL has grown and successfully concluded the 7 startup conferences in Korea and U.S. On the 15th October, the event's U.S. annual event will be hosted at the 'The Village' in San Francisco. 

In the ecosystem of startups, beGLOBAL San Francisco 2015 provides invaluable networking opportunities between Asia and U.S . So for budding startups and investors looking at the next top technology startup from Asia, the following provide three reasons why you should attend this event. 

Key Speakers 

In the startup ecosystem this event is the link between U.S. and Korea. It will feature some of the top names in the industry who will gather together witness the showcase for Asian startup talent as well as share their knowledge and know how. 

Uber and Evernote will discuss some of the challenges they faced in the Asian market and what solutions they devised. Eric Kim from the company which invested into Coupang and Kakao, two very successful companies in Korea and Christine Tsai from 500 Startups will jointly provide their insight into 'Unicorn hunting in Asia'.  

The event will also host Gunso Kim the former head of Strategic Planning for the city of Seoul and the Jay Nath the current CIO of San Francisco. The two political forces will meet to discuss the topic of ‘Global Innovation Ecosystem’ and share know-how and experiences with the aim of developing co-operation opportunities between the two cities. 

In total of 36 different experts will attend to create a beneficial opportunity for both startups and investors. 

Startup IR 

The startups featuring at the event underwent a documentation and reference pre-qualification process. The successful startups were invited to participate to present to a judging panel in Seoul where unfortunately, only the 'Top 9 startups' chosen by a panel of judges were invited to attend beGLOBAL San Francisco 2015.   

Despite tough yearly competition, startups fiercely pursue the support at this event with 72% of previous startup attendees succeeding with receiving angel investments. The final 9 startup teams will present to a panel of investment companies.  

Previous startups that succeeded with investments include 5ROCKS which attracted an Japanese investment of US$2.1m (KRS 2.5b), and Korean bitcoin startup KorBit which secured US$400k (KRW 460m) investments from the beGLOBAL San Francisco 2014's key speaker, Tim Draper.

This year, Korean startups will present their pitch in two sessions (morning and afternoon) to a judging panel consisting of: Cyril Ebersweiler the founder of hardware accelerator company HAXLR8R; Tim Chang from Mayfield Fund a company who has chosen the top 100 of Forbes most influential investors; and Matt Kaufman Head of Operations from Crunchbase. 

In addition, 20 startup booths will provide an opportunity for startups to showcase their technology and services. The beGLOBAL event has become the Golden Gate bridge for Korean and the U.S. startup ecosystem.  


Among other events that take place in U.S., beGLOBAL has been judged as the most differentiates conference for Asian startups. Particular recognition has been given for active participation from influential U.S. investors and representatives from global companies who participate as key speakers or as a judging panel member of the startup battle. 

As well as featuring the experts in the Asian startup market, this years beGLOBAL San Francisco 2015 event is expected to be beneficial for both startups planning their launch in the U.S. as well as for investment companies pursuing the Asian startup market.  

The event will provide participants with countless networking opportunities created by the beGLOBAL booth, presentations, knowledge sharing sessions and at the after party.

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