4D Imaging Radar developer Smart Radar System gets domestic recognition & global CES 2023 award
2022 11월 30

Smart Radar System , a Korean company specializing in developing high-resolution 4D imaging radar with global competitiveness, has been named in the CES 2023 Innovation Award list. 

The company's "Smart Guard Solution" was selected for the CES 2023 Innovation Awards, produced by the  Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® . The awards are given at an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in 28 consumer technology product categories.

Smart Guard is Smart Radar System's world-first mmWave plug-and-play safety guard package that serves as an industrial and infrastructure safety guard with easy installation for all users. It improves the safety of heavy/special vehicles' working conditions by detecting obstacles around them. The technology minimizes blind spots owing to its wide coverage and long detection range, even in challenging environments filled with thick dust, dirt, splashing mud, fog, rain, snow, glares, and no/low light. Anyone can easily install this innovative solution to protect themselves and others from accidents.

Smart Radar System

Customers' recognition for quality technology and mass production

Along with Samsung Electronics, LG Innotek, Hyundai Mobis, and the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Smart Radar System was also honored as one of the '2022 Top 19 Technology Performances' with the "AI 4D Imaging Radar Sensor Safety Management Solution" of 2022 announced by NAEK (the National Academy of Engineering of Korea).

Smart Radar, recognized at the awards, can detect human postures: standing, sitting and lying down of up to 5 people in a 7m x 7m area. It also can measure vital signs, including breathing and pulse, at an accuracy level similar to that of an Apple watch. It has many benefits for healthcare workers, who can be alerted when fall accidents are detected of patients or the elderly in remote rooms/bedsides without violating privacy. Embedded AI (machine learning algorithm) can distinguish people from a cooling fan or an air purifier, minimizing false alarms, which helps users' concerns and resource management. 

This solution has been available to consumers since October 2022 with LG U+ Smart Radar solution. It is another world-first mmWave plug-and-play safety monitoring solution with a Telco (telecommunication company). LG U+ organized a radar-services dedicated squad (called Smart Radar Biz Squad) that proactively commercialized the service with Smart Radar System's technology that no other Telco competitors initiated. 

Smart Radar System will participate in CES 2023 to introduce all these products and solutions in detail with an extended booth in the new LVCC West Hall #3553. CES 2023 will be held in Las Vegas from January 5th to 8th.

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