AsiaBeat 2014 Lands in Taiwan December 1-2 – Check Out The Ten Korean Teams Participating
2014년 11월 28일

AsiaBeat 2014 4 - beSUCCESS

Asia Beat 2014 is a 2-day event held in Taipei, Taiwan. Primarily it is a VC networking and Asian startup event  funded by startup related government institutions in Taiwan, as well as media and business consortiums from Japan, China, Korea, and Singapore.

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AsiaBeat 2014 2 - beSUCCESS

Korea will be represented by ten startups at the event. They are:

  • Bridge Mobile will be represented by Jung-woo Choi, the winning team from a Korean local competition called ‘Global Venture 2014.' The company was also nominated as top service by Uber Gizmodo.
  • Style Share, who recently raised $2.5 million from LB Investment, will be represented by CEO Ja-young Yoon.
  • 500 Videos will be represented by Sung-ho Yang and recently secured  investment from Big Basin Capital and Bon Angels
  • K-Startup winner N.Thing will be represented by Hae-youn Kim.
  • Malang Studio’s CEO Young-ho Kim will represent his company which has achieved 15,000,000 downloads of their popular alarm clock app, Alarmmon
  • 1day1song, a mobile music curation service will be represented by their CEO, Joo Hyun-Gyu
  • SPACOSA, a location based service called Famy, will be represented by Oo-joo Jo
  • IAMCOMPANY will be represented by In-mo Jung
  • JJS Media, a company that provides crow-sourced music concerts, will be represented by Jae-seok Lee
  • David Lee, CEO of Shakr will represent his company which aims to democratize professional quality video
  • ConsiderC will be represented by Jae-hyun Shin

These 10 Korean Startups will compete against 30 other startups from 5 countries for the accolade of 'Best Asia Startup' during Asia Beat's main event, the 'Startup Battle'.

During the event, aimed at building bridges between startups and investors across Asia, over 100 venture investors from China and other East Asian countries will discuss Asian venture cooperation The thesis is that cooperation across borders will facilitate more rapid development of a thriving economic ecosystem in the region, powered by innovators and entrepreneurs.

AsiaBeat 2014 1 - beSUCCESS

The event will also feature a special session on 'Korea Market Entry’. Well known domestic Angels, Entrepreneurs, and investors will share their strategies for how Japan, China and other Asian ventures should approach the Korea market. Taek-kyung Lee (Daum Communication’s Co-founder CEO of PRIMER), Junghee Ryu (Founder of Olaworks and CEO of Future Play), and Dong-seok Kang (Soft Bank Ventures Korea) will share their insight and experience on the topic. Chang-soo Lee (CEO of 5ROCKS, recently acquired by Tapjoy), and Simon Lee (CEO of Flitto) will also share their experiences of growing IT businesses beyond their domestic borders and raising financing from overseas.

Korea’s primary China-focused IT media company Platum will participate as a key sponsor of the event. Their CEO, Sang-rae Jo said: "Asia will take control over flow of Mobile-Only. Kakaotalk, Line, Wechat are only a beginning. Many more software from Asia will lead the world. I wish this Asia Beat will be the center of communication that will aid the business as it help business partner and the investors.”

More about AsiaBeat 2014 here.

AsiaBeat 2014 3 - beSUCCESS

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