beGLOBAL 2015 Screening Wraps Up – 20 Amazing Startups Get Ready to Go Global
2015년 04월 15일


The second screening session for beGlobal Seoul 2015 was held in D.Camp on May 13. After a grueling day, our judges nominated the top 20 startups whom will be appearing on the big stage at the DDP, May 14th.

There were a variety of applicants ranging from hardware through software with even a few international startups participating and pitching via Hangouts.


The relay screening went from 9AM to 6PM. Judges Yongkil Kwon(Chief, Neoply), Seung Tae Lee(Manager, Asan-nanum Foundation), James Kwon(Chief, Qualcomm Ventures), Jongmok Park(Technical Director, Naver), Eugene Kim(Director, Spark Labs), Siwan Kim(Investment Director, D.Camp) participated this year to weigh in on the startups and bring their considerable expertise to the plate.

Judge Yongkil Kwon (Neowiz CTO) said “Most of the applicants today want to compete in the world market and build off of their foundation here in Korea."
Another judge, Seung Tae Lee, Manager of Asan-nanum Foundation remarked “beGlobal Seoul 2015 is about helping startups enter into the world market, so global competitiveness and expandability was a major consideration in our judging.”


From here on in, the top 20 startups just nominated to compete on the final stage of beGlobal Seoul 2015 will be going through intense training before pitching including direct 1:1 mentorship and guidance from successful entrepreneurs from previous years. The startups will appear on the final stage of beGlobal Seoul 2015 after two major rehearsals held on April 29 and May 5, and the final on-stage rehersal on May 13, the day before the event gets underway.

Without further ado, the top 20 startups:

  • Aiji Net: A product built around disrupting the insurance sector through smart algorithmic insurance recommendations and a free market between clients and insurance salesmen (MyRealPlan)
  • ARCHIDRAW : Smartphone + Device integrated 3d area scanning (ARCHISKETCH)
  • Aurumplanet : Gives users the ability to highlight and connect data across websites, documents and pretty much anything (Liner)
  • BD Inc : Mobile App/Device total-coverage test software built on a learning AI foundation - Need to test your App on a device? (ENZ-MAiP)
  • Fluenty : Messaging solution for next gen smart watches (TALKEY)
  • GameCoach : Game mentoring service to bring gamer's l33t skills to the next level
  • JOKERPACK : Collaborative white board built on simplicity, an impressive UX and Secret Sauce (BeeCanvas)
  • KPOP UNITED : Bringing Kpop to cities that might never see a Kpop star through the power of crowdsourcing (Krowpop)
  • Leevi : Mobile-focused blog, news, etc.. one stop shop - think Flipboard with a mobile focus (Lens)
  • Marker : Through cutting edge AI and machine learning tech, condenses an article and highlights key phrases that are tailored towards each individual user (Web Marker)
  • Maverick Co, Ltd. : Cloud rendering service that makes it easy to create high quality video effects that move and bring a video to life (ALIVE)
  • Nthing : Starting with a smart app + smart pot, Nthing promises to change the face of the agriculture industry through their innovative IOT tech (Planty)
  • Ovitz : Has condensed the room-sized optician's vision checking device with a handheld one. (EyeProfiler)
  • Skywalk Holdings : Offline/Online data and content platform (Kinfo)
  • SPACOSA : Family and object tracking service boasting the ability to track a device with it's app to the centimeter (Famy)
  • Studio XID Korea : Mobile prototyping design and testing tool (SNAP)
  • There : Answering the question "What should we do today?" for travelers across the world, There (There)
  • TNT Crowd : Platform to enable educators to directly connect with people across the world and make an income from it (EDUCAST)
  • Tosslab : A lean, ultra-efficient group collaboration service - think Slack, but faster and better (JANDI)
  • VUNO Korea : A cutting edge service that uses AI and image recognition to identify cancer and help diagnose medical images (VUNO-Med)

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