BeyondK, a Hallyu based MCN star promotion program, has been launched.
2016년 03월 29일 , 이 한종



BeyondK, a Hallyu based MCN star promotion program, has been launched. BeyoundK is a program which plans and creates contents for Hallyu based global creators. It is a one-stop program cooperated by GoodTimeWithMe(KBEAT) and Wish Company, which also manages all from the producing of projects, managing, marketing, and creating profit.

GoodTimeWithMe is a startup which is based on the KPOP fandom community service and the network with Hallyu based MCN stars. For last two years, by conducting various Hallyu based global marketing projects, GoodTimeWithMe has managed to promote YouTube stars such as Megan Bowen, Nardy Santana. Wish Company is a global cosmetic distribution corporation, and it has the know-how of promoting beauty creators. Both companies support planning, creating and marketing of global creators’ contents, and they manage sponsorships so that they can create profit.


'Megan Bowen, who’s got 350,000 subscribers mainly from English speaking countries, who has a Hallyu based contents channel named ChoNunMigookSaram, and a KPOP group named Topp Dogg’s collaboration project 'Kpop Stars Pronounce Western Female Names’ can be a good example. This project which benchmarked the viral video format of Buzz Feed’s, and adapted it to Korean KPOP group, has got 1million views in a week, 650,000 likes and 6700 comments. Within a week, it reached the record which is beyond the average of BuzzFeed contents’ viewer participation records. This project video was spontaneously re-spreaded by Hallyu and Kpop related vertical media such as All-KPOP, KMUSIC and KOOGLE TV, and HUNUS entertainment, a Topp Dogg’s agency, could meet their global marketing needs.

Nardy Santana who collected 160,000 subscribers within a year since she opened her YouTube channel called Latina Saram’s case is also noteworthy. Her specialty lies to the demographic of her major subscribers compare to domestic top MCN stars’. 81% of her subscribers are 10s to 20s women mainly from South America such as Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Chile and Argentina. Nardy is a Curasumer(Someone who senses the need of change in a product service or quality earlier than others and try to seek the solution and lead the market) who deals with Hallyu related contents and products. Now she is an ambassador of Comandstay which is an accommodation information offering service for those who visit Korea for a short or long stay, and she is introducing some places to stay in Korea for Spanish speaking subscribers regularly.

Last 23rd, JungSung Jo from KBEAT said KBEAT aims to build a sustainable platform which can promote YouTube stars like Megan Bowen, Nardy Santana at the opening ceremony of KBEAT studio which is sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and KOFICE. He also added that opening an offline place for planning and creating contents is a significant start, and KBEAT will communicate with global creators continuously. Meanwhile, a Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism official said Hallyu based global creators’ quality contents need to spread continuously, and hopefully this could be the new power of a way to spread Hallyu globally.

이 한종
이한종은 연쇄 창업자로, KBEAT의 공동창업자이자 CXO. 스타트업을 위한 초기투자 심사역 및 엑셀러레이터로서 경력을 보유하고 있으며 디지털 콘텐츠 및 뉴미디어 플랫폼 영역의 오랜 경력을 바탕으로 연세대학교, SKP, 한국과학기술연구원 등의 멘토 및 심사위원으로 활동 중이다. 2006년 런던 영화학교를 졸업했고, 2011년 국무총리표창을 받았다. (

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