Korean startup Buff Studio secures investment from NCSoft
2015년 09월 15일


On the 15th September, Korean startup and game development company Buff Studio confirmed an investment of US$420k (KRW 500m) had been received from NC Soft.

Buff Studio is the creator of the popular action and RPG (Role Play Game) game, ‘Buff Knight - RPG Runner’.  Some awards won by Buff Knight include the following awards:

  • 2014 Korean Game Awards: Indie Game Award
  • 2014 Top 30 Best Games 2014 on Google Plan (Korea)
  • #1 paid App in Korea
  • # Paid RPG in Japan, Sweden, Australia and Taiwan

Since formally registering the company in May, Buff Studio is already in development of the sequel ‘Buff Knight - RPG Runner 2’.

Buff Studio are expected to launch ‘Buff Knight - Advanced’ on to Steam in September. Similarly, developments for a PS4 launch are underway. The strategy swinging game 'Buff Knight - RPG Runner 2' is expected to be released later this year.

Kim Do Hyoung from Buff Studio commented, “This investment will allow our company to provide security for our domestic service. We plan to become an indie developer that provides AAA rating games that are unique and fun”.

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