Cherubic Ventures Announces US$ 120 Million Fund And The New Shanghai Office As Its Global Headquarter
2016년 03월 14일


Cherubic Ventures kicked off 2016 with an annual summit in the glamorous Shanghai, where East meets the West. More than 200 guests from its portfolio companies, partners from top venture capital firms and business partners all attended to share their thoughts on the opportunities and challenges in the early-stage tech investment space in the world.

As an early-stage venture capital firm with coverage across U.S and the Greater China region, Cherubic Ventures has invested in nearly 90 innovative companies, and has taken a proactive approach to help its portfolio company rather than just being a passive investor. The fund positions itself as the entrepreneur’s best partner and is supported by the fact that its general partner, Matt Cheng, is the founding partner of many its portfolio companies, and brought some of them from 0 to IPO or acquisitions. As the fund marches to its 5th year of establishment, a new team is also formed across Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, and San Francisco offices to create a truly global platform that helps the best entrepreneur to succeed.

Cherubic Ventures invests in Hyperloop Technologies.

Matt Cheng shared his insights on the fund’s cross-border investment thesis at the annual summit, using his latest investment Hyperloop as an example: “As one of high-speed transportation Hyperloop Technologies’ earliest investors, I sat at a table with its team in its headquarter on the evening of the project kick-off. During the conversation, I learned that several of the team members are professors with tenures from prestigious universities. These professors gave up life-long career to participate in this vision that some people may find ‘crazy’. I hope to empower more talents to have the courage to do something that makes an impact, regardless of what other people think.”

Same as these passionate dreamers, Cherubic Ventures’ vision is to be part of the future technology and striving to be the earliest investor of the next iconic company. In order to continue to invest in innovations, Cherubic Ventures announced a US$ 120 million fund at the annual summit, and has already closed more than US$ 70 million. The fund will focus on high-tech industry such as SaaS, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Machine Learning and cross-border e-commerce, etc..

Furthermore, in addition to the offices in Beijing, Taipei and San Francisco, Cherubic Ventures announces a new Shanghai office as its headquarter, which will actively organize global forums across Asia and the U.S.. Cherubic Ventures expects the constant communication of knowledge and experience will strengthen the global innovative community, together with entrepreneurs around the world.

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