Electric Vehicle Sharing Service To Be Launched By LG
2013년 04월 11일

Is South Korea becoming more environmentally friendly?

LG CNS (LG's IT arm) will launch an electric vehicle sharing service for residents in Seoul.

The service will be operated by EverOn (an affiliate of LG CNS). Drivers will be able to rent electric vehicles through them for a minimum of one hour at an hourly rate of 6,300 won (approx. $5.50 USD) and by the end of April will have 120 electric vehicles with 40 venues across Seoul, including Seoul Station, Suseo Station and Sangam DMC Station.

EverOn's executive Ki-ho Song said that “EverOn plans to introduce more electric car models and expand renting posts in residential areas and near key landmarks."

The cars can be charged within 30 minutes at stations that are run by the city council. Despite the global economic slump, there is a growing demand for car sharing services.

Let's pause here- I have two questions:

1) Given the above, do you think this a sign that Korea is becoming more environmentally friendly?

2) We saw the success of Zipcar (although they have been involved in legal disputes regarding shareholders), Auto-Lib and Car2Go in the Western countries such as the US, Germany and France. Do you think it will succeed in Korea?

It will be interesting to see if there are car renting services in other parts of Asia. But what do you think?

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