ESTsoft Inc. AI Studio Perso helps businesses create AI virtual human led videos
2022년 12월 16일

The virtual human market is growing as a significant number of businesses from entertainment, shopping, e-commerce, etc., prefer to utilize virtual humans productions to promote their services. According to the global market research firm Emergene Research the virtual human market will grow to $527.58 billion (about 688,491.9 billion won) by 2030.

Korean AI services company ESTSoft Inc.(047560.KQ) offers AI Virtual Human led video production service to make content. The company announced in October 2022 the launch of its ‘AI Studio Perso,’ a video production service that uses AI Virtual Humans. AI Studio Perso is a specialized service that can create high-quality videos featuring AI virtual humans using text input and video editing.


Creating Virtual Humans with AI made it easy.

ESTSoft has two core technologies that are available through AI Studio Persona. One is AI Cloning technology replicating an actual human through real-life appearance, voice and identity data. The other AI Persona is the creation of an entirely new persona that fits real-life purposes and content. AI Studio Perso produces videos using AI Clone and AI Persona.

AI Cloning uses Voice Generation AI (Text Speech) and Face Generation AI (Speech to Face) to replicate a real-life human through deep learning of videos of the person. The technology delivers a replica of a real-life person. The estimated time for AI Cloning is about five days, with five hours of video requirement data for development.

ESTsoft has successfully created a Virtual Human replica of YTN anchor Byun Sang-wook, an AI instructor using Hunet’s Lee Min-young and an AI anchor with ESTsoft’s Park Eun-bo using AI Cloning.

AI Persona creates Virtual Humans with unique appearances and features. It uses high-level facial analysis, & pre-processing techniques and analyses and trains multiple faces using AI. ESTsoft has created AI Virtual Human named E-so Kim utilizing the technology.


AI Studio Perso_off line

Virtual Studio for efficient video production 

AI Studio Perso service provides the option to utilize AI Cloning and AI Persona technologies in a user-friendly service environment.

The user can create multiple productions easily in AI Persona with the change of the voice tone and movement of the AI ​​virtual human according to the purpose of video production through the speech mode.

AI Studio Perso created Virtual Human exhibits a very high lip synchro rate when uttering input text and has smooth upper body movement. In addition, all functions are intuitively configured so that the entire video production process, from selecting a virtual human to decorating the video background and inputting text, is easy. Users can understand and utilize all service functions without any separate explanation.

Byun Gye-poong, head of ESTsoft’s AI business division, said, “AI Studio Perso is the most specialized video production service based on AI virtual human, which maximizes the attention and information delivery effect of video and helps to create various contents with simple manipulations continuously. AI Persona is one of our core technologies, and it is in high demand because it can create new IPs to expand added value. It can be freed from various restrictions and problems, including the right to portrait of a real person.” He continued, “We expect our video production service based on AI virtual human will greatly help video production and business development using IP.”

Multiple businesses using AI-technology   

ESTsoft established an AI Plus Lab in 2017 for R&D for AI technology. In 2021, the company developed AI Cloning and, in collaboration with leading media company YTN, produced AI news anchor Byun Sang-wook from real-life data of the actual anchor. The company also developed HUNET AI Instructor Lee Min-young and AI announcer Park Eun-bro using AI Cloning. The software development company then worked on developing the AI Persona technology.

In 2022, ESTsoft is promoting its Virtual Human technology for B2B2C establishments linked to shopping, games, entertainment, etc. It is expanding its multi-faceted business by establishing Virtual Human Agency by securing IP within the metaverse. The company aims to enter the global B2C business with Virtual Human technology and become a leader in the metaverse arena.

ESTsoft also has developed AR Commerce service ROUNZ, an AI vision recognition technology, for virtual fitting tests for glasses and sunglasses. The company’s ESTsecurity is an integrated security solution for B2B and B2C clients with antivirus software, document security products, AI intelligence solutions, etc.

ESTsoft also has ESTgames, a gaming service, Techfin, an AI investment platform, and software development services. The company is continuously advancing its B2B and B2C businesses and introducing new technologies.

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