General Bio, a Korean company producing environmentally friendly detergents receives Technology investment
2015년 12월 31일


General Bio, a company known to be socially and environmentally responsible has received a total of US$4.6m (KRW 5.3b) investment from Mirae Assets, L&S Venture Capital, Coolidge Corner Investment and SJ Investment Partners. The company which kicked off in 2007 is a producer of organic laundry detergents and fabric conditioners. The R&D oriented company has continued to develop products that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

general bio

Although the socially responsible status is noteworthy, the company is making headlines for receiving an investment from technical venture capitals. The investments companies have all based their investment decision around General Bio’s technology, potential, and operational capabilities.

In July 2015, General Bio established an independent distribution network and this investment will be put towards building a 30,000 square feet factory with CGMP facilities. This facility will enable General Bio to experience further future growths. In June 2015, the company was formally registered for listing onto the KOSDAQ with IPO targeted for 2017.



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