Food app Gormey providing recommendations by food critics get major update
2015년 11월 10일


Gormey, an app that is aimed at providing credible restaurant recommendations recently announced major updates for both iOS and Android releases.  Although there are many restaurant recommendation apps on the market, Gormey brings a whole new level of credibility by providing recommendations based only on reviews by food critics. After all, professionals that review food for a living are likely better candidates at providing recommendations.

Gormey recommendations are driven by human curation from food critics and writers from Michelin Guide, Zagat and Eater.  The human curation are processed with rating algorithms that provide a simplified list of hand-picked restaurants that are categorised into meaningful categories. For food enthusiasts, the app is a source of simple and easy way to explore the best restaurants. The recommendations are closely monitored by Gormey editors that ensure their list only contains restaurants that are worthy to present as palatable to the most stringent food enthusiasts.

A representative of Gormey explained their objective as, “We’ve found that people have lost trust in the credibility and accuracy of reviews on other crowd-sourced review apps”. “Gormey only lists restaurants that were recommended by food critics and writers, whose profession is to eat and write about food. Why not give them more credit for what they do and rely on them for what we should be trying out?".

The new updates to the app include a tagging system that helps identify a restaurant by its speciality whether it be ‘French’, ‘Japanese’ or ‘Date Spot’. The other major improvement is a list of must-try menu items listed with the corresponding review by the food critic and writer.

Although Gormey is only currently available in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Seattle, the team is focused on growing its user base and improving the data quality and content currently. The app has currently reviewed more than 3,000 restaurants with users of the apps providing a high recommendation on both Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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