Indonesia Startup & Innovation Tour 2023 Unveiled: Explore the Booming Tech Ecosystem in an Exclusive Executive Program
2023년 07월 07일
Indonesia Startup & Innovation Tour 2023

Indonesia Startup & Innovation Tour 2023

The highly anticipated launch of the Indonesia Startup & Innovation Tour (ISIT) 2023 was announced, marking the beginning of a groundbreaking 4-day executive program aimed at immersing participants in Indonesia's vibrant tech ecosystem. Taking place from 1-4 August 2023, this exclusive tour will showcase the country's top tech hubs, startup/Venture Capital offices in Jakarta and Bali, enabling participants to learn, connect, and unlock the vast potential of Indonesia's booming digital economy.

Indonesia's tech landscape has experienced remarkable growth, establishing itself as one of the fastest-growing digital economies globally. With a population of over 270 million and a rapidly expanding middle class, Indonesia presents an attractive market for innovative technologies and entrepreneurial ventures. The country's digital economy reached a milestone, contributing approximately 5.7% to its GDP in 2021 and projected to grow to an impressive 18% by 2030, according to industry reports.

ISIT 2023 program offers a comprehensive program that combines exclusive insights, networking opportunities, and immersive experiences. Over the course of four enriching days, participants will have direct access to Indonesia's leading startup founders, industry experts, and venture capitalists. They will gain first-hand knowledge about the country's thriving tech ecosystem, emerging trends, and investment opportunities.

Program Highlights:

  • Visits to Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia's premier tech hubs, providing executives with a comprehensive overview of the country's diverse startup landscape.
  • Exclusive tours of prominent startup offices, providing deep insights into their operations, business models, and success stories.
  • Engaging panel discussions and fireside chats with industry leaders, sharing their expertise and perspectives on Indonesia's digital economy.
  • Networking sessions designed to foster meaningful connections between executives, entrepreneurs, and investors.
  • Cultural experiences to showcase the unique blend of tradition and innovation that defines Indonesia.

The Indonesia Startup & Innovation Tour is limited to a select group of 30 executives who are passionate about exploring Indonesia's tech ecosystem. To encourage early participation, we are offering an early bird pricing of $3000 per seat, ensuring executives secure their place in this exclusive program. Early bird pricing will end on July 15, 2023.

This executive immersive program is a collaboration between and supporting partners . Together, we aim to facilitate knowledge exchange, foster partnerships, and create a platform for collaboration between local and international stakeholders.

ISIT2023 Key Information:

  • Normal Price: US$3500/pax ($3200/pax for more than 10 pax in a single order)
  • Early bird Price: $3000/pax ($2700/pax for more than 10 pax in a single order)
  • Early bird price valid until July 15th, 2023.
  • Max Participants: 30 pax
  • Program will be delivered in English. Translation service/requests will not be provided

What is included: 

  • 4-star hotel accommodation with breakfast (1 room per pax)
  • In-city transportation in Jakarta and Bali (executive bus) Flight to Bali (Garuda Indonesia CGK – DPS)
  •  Lunch, dinners and afternoon coffee & snacks

What is not included: 

  • Flight into Jakarta (Arrival) and from Bali (Departure)
  • Visa expenses. It is the delegate's own responsibility to get their visa for the program. Organizers can assist to issue confirmation letters of participants as supporting documents for delegates to apply for a visa upon request.
  • Personal medication & other personal expenses

For more information and registration details, please visit or contact Rahmat via WhatsApp

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