Jandi Helps You Effectively Communicate With Your Team, Raises $2 Million USD Angel Funding
2014년 12월 23일


Jandi Logo 1

As announced in Sparklabs Bi-Monthly Review, Korean startup Jandi confirmed that it has raised an angel round of nearly US$2 million, co-led by Softbank Ventures and Cherubic Ventures.

Jandi is a business communication platform for PC, iOS, and Android devices that allows teams to securely and instantly communicate while also easily being able to share files, search through past messages, and more.

There are, of course, other apps that address these concerns, but Jandi sees an opening in Asia, where it says many people have turned to consumer-focused chat apps Line and WeChat. Jandi says these aren’t secure or convenient enough for efficient business use.

The company already has offices in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, where it has launched in open beta. It also already features full support for Korean, Japanese, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Jandi is not without competitors in the enterprise communication arena. One leg up that the company does have, though, is its strong localization. With support for Asian languages and on-the ground local offices that will allow its team to respond to local customers, Jandi should have a lot of appeal to Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese businesses looking for an app like this that features local support.

The app is currently available for download in both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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