Korea And Japan’s No. 1 Reward App To Launch In 20 Countries This Year
2013년 02월 13일

Having achieved close to $15M in annual sales, AdLatte intends to expand into 20 new markets across North America, Europe, and Asia in 2013. AdLatte is already one of Asia’s top incentivized mobile ad apps and is now in a strong position to speed up its market expansion overseas. The app was created by Korean developer, AppDisco, and the team is confident of challenging Tapjoy and SponsorPay with its rewards based mobile advertising app. By way of enforcing AdLatte’s status recent research from TNS concluded that AdLattes ranked higher than YouTube and Twitter in the ‘Power APP” category.

Although other incentivized ad apps such as Tapjoy, SponsorPay, and Kiip have received a lot of attention recently, AdLatte, since its release in July 2011, has achieved #1 Social Network ranking, and ranked #1 in the Japanese App Store within the first 2 days of its release there in December 2011.

The developer, AppDisco Inc, headed by CEO Jeong Soohwan announced this week that AdLatte will be released across a raft of new markets, starting with Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, and Vietnam in addition to North America and across Europe. Since its release AdLatte has already passed 4 million downloads in Korea and 1.5 million Japan.

AdLatte provides rewards in exchange for taking quizzes about video Ads or for downloading apps. Rewards consist of gift cards, coupons, discounts, virtual currency, and cash back, which can be used to purchase items from the in-app store or to make donations. Advertisers can enhance their brand recognition by targeting selected customers, based on age, gender, or the OS of user’s phones. Advertisers also benefit from tracking campaign tracking and analytics.

Having achieved $13.8M, a 10,000% increase in sales, AdLatte has executed more than 800 ads for about 400 global clients including Samsung Electronics, GM, Toyota, Hyundai Motor, Nikon, Sony, McDonald’s, etc.

Looking towards future opportunities AppDisco aims to expand its business offerings into other areas, including a medical services app, and game publishing. Considering its huge success in Japan and Korea, we look forward to AppDisco’s next step towards global success.

About AppDisco

AppDisco, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, is an innovative and creative start up venture that strives to provide users with exciting new mobile experiences. With unique ideas and a passionate approach, AppDisco aims to help people understand the paradigm shift from web to mobile web by developing original content for smart devices. For further information click here, and for press enquiries please contact Lyla on pr@adlatteglobal.com.

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