Korean Startup 5Rocks Acquired By Mobile Monetization And Ad-tech Firm Tapjoy
2014년 08월 06일

Mobile monetization and ad-tech firm Tapjoy has today announced that they have acquired Korean analytics and marketing automation firm 5Rocks. 

5Rocks enables user segmentation, cohort analysis by app behaviour, purchase patterns, social activity, referral channel and more, and notifies developers when there are various anomalies detected in their data. Additionally, it had previously received US$2.3 million in funding from Japan’s Global Brain, after James Jung (CEO, beSUCCESS)  made an introduction at beLAUNCH 2013.

"5Rocks is well known for providing app developers with powerful analysis and marketing automation tools to gain a deep level of insight into a user’s behavior in order to maximize lifetime value," according to a spokesperson at Tapjoy.

5Rocks was built by a highly talented team of gaming industry and data analytics experts from organizations such as Google, GREE, NC Soft and NHN. Only a few months after they first launched their product, 5Rocks became the analytics solution of choice for many of the largest game developers in Korea and Japan. Now Tapjoy will help developers across the globe access the same benefits.

The acquisition transforms Tapjoy into a complete ad-tech and app-tech solution for driving revenue and LTV maximization for app developers. By combining its industry-leading mobile advertising technology with 5Rocks' predictive analytics and marketing automation services, Tapjoy now offers the best mobile analytics, marketing automation and ad-based monetization solutions that are purpose-built for mobile freemium app developers, all in one SDK.

While the details of the dealhave not been revelaed it is expected that the acquisition is worth around $30 million USD. It means that Tapjoy can now offer services for driving revenue, maximizing lifetime value of an app, predictive analytics, and marketing automation. Among other things this will allow developers to predict when a user is about to drop out of a game and will enable them to take action in real time to prevent this - Powerful stuff!

Seoul-based 5Rocks is known for its data science expertise, deep reporting, predictive analytics, and customer relationship management services. Through acquisition, Tapjoy will bring these services into its own nGen ad monetization platform.

“The acquisition of 5Rocks is a transformative moment for Tapjoy, as the combined platforms allow us to quickly integrate best-in-class publisher analytics and insights with the industry’s leading mobile ad platform to create what we call an ‘app-tech’ solution for mobile publishers,” said Steve Wadsworth, president and CEO of Tapjoy, in a statement released by VentureBeat. “5Rocks’ services are complementary to what we have built at Tapjoy, and our combined platforms and team will have the technology, products and expertise to increase advertising effectiveness and help further define the future of app engagement and monetization services.”

“Our mission at 5Rocks has always been to enable the world’s leading mobile game developers to maximize the life-time value of their users. As we looked at expanding our technology we needed a leading global platform and top sales team, and it was obvious that Tapjoy was the perfect partner,” said Changsu Lee, CEO and founder of 5Rocks. “Having an innovative and award-winning Silicon Valley company acquire a Korean start-up validates our hard work and technological leadership in Korea. We’re very excited to join the Tapjoy family, and we look forward to continuing to improve the ways app developers across the globe identify and monetize their high-value users.”

CEO Lee and his entire team will join Tapjoy immediately and Lee will assume the role of vice president of publisher analytics and insights.

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