‘Latte Series’ with 10 Million Downloads Is Going Global!
2013년 05월 13일

LatteScreen’s Grand Global Launch in 14 Countries


LatteScreen Launches in 14 Countries Across Asia, Europe and North America: The First Incentivizing Mobile Advertising Platform on Smartphone Lock Screen.

Jeong Soohwan, CEO of AppDisco (http://eng.adlatte.com/), the market leader in reward-based mobile advertising scene, announces the launch of LatteScreen in 12 countries in addition to its current operations in Korea and Japan. On May 13th, the product will be released in six countries including Australia, UK, Taiwan, Spain, Malaysia and Vietnam. The service will also be available in Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, France, Thailand and US by the end of May.

In February, LatteScreen was first launched in Korea and Japan; it marked the inception of the very first reward-based mobile advertising platform that utilizes the lock screen on smartphone devices. During the trial period with its beta version, it reached two million downloads in the two countries combined, exhibiting the potential of the service.

LatteScreen incentivizes users for permitting and engaging in ads on their lock screen. The application has a very simple interface that gives the users the options of swiping a tab to the left or right, which unlocks the screen or leads to further details about the advertisement. The simplicity and convenience of LatteScreen guarantees satisfactory user experience. It also provides a variety of contents with photography and illustrations to meet users’ desire for wallpaper design. In addition, the registration process was simplified for the global release, allowing users to sign up simply with an e-mail address.

LatteScreen incorporates a more neutral way of bringing advertisements to users as the lock screen placement and design are less obtrusive. It offers full size advertisement images, helping advertisers reinforce their brand image in a novel manner. LatteScreen gives out higher rewards to users who engage in activities such as installing an app, fulfilling the demand and interest of both the users and advertisers.

Through the launch of LatteScreen overseas, AppDisco embarks on its ambitious journey to become the major incentivizing mobile advertising platform company in the global market. According to Yoo Bumryung, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of AppDisco, “Based on the potential growth of the mobile advertising market, this user friendly application will satisfy users who are not familiar with the usage of mobile applications with its simple user interface and the benefit of rewards. We see this as the key to gain positive response from the global market.” Also, AppDisco is working towards establishing branch offices, or alternatively, attain partnerships in each country to optimize sales and marketing strategies.

The CEO added, “We have been preparing this global launch sincerely and punctually. I believe that the expertise we gained from pioneering the Korean & Japanese markets over the past few years will be of huge help in successfully launching LatteScreen overseas.” He continued, “With the global launch, we will do our best to be the start of borderless mobile business and to be the global bridge that connects our users with the global network.”

About AppDisco

AppDisco, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, is a trendy, creative business venture that strives to give users a new and fun experience through its products: AdLatte and LatteScreen. These two applications are AppDisco’s representative services that are leading the mobile advertising industry in Korea. With unique ideas and passionate approach, AdLatte and LatteScreen aim to help people understand the paradigm shift from web to mobile by developing original contents for smartphone and tab devices.

Currently, AdLatte is Korea’s number one reward-based mobile advertising application with over eight million downloads in Korea and Japan. In February and April, LatteScreen launched with its beta version in the two countries and hit two million downloads. AppDisco is providing performance based advertising services that allow advertisers to mark their market and see instant results. While advertisers can target their customers, users can also choose the advertisement of their choice and get rewarded!

For further information check www.eng.adlatte.com or http://www.facebook.com/appdisco.global

Disclaimer: The information in this press release thereto, is strictly confidential and may be legally privilege.

AppDisco Global PR Manager: Lyla Jeong
E lyla@adlatte.com
T +82 70 4658 4724
M +82 10 6816 0302

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