Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 Release Announced
2013 3월 20

It seems that iPad Mini will find itself with yet another competitor in the near future - Galaxy Note 8. The tension between Apple and Samsung is heating up again, with Apple's iPhone 6 (rumored) and Samsung's Galaxy S4 both featuring wireless charging.

Samsung will use a new back cover that will be used to conduct energy from another surface. This in turn will give the battery power. (Apple's Phil Schiller however had said previously that a wireless charging feature will not make things more convenient as there has to be something that is plugged into the wall in order to charge the phone anyway - instead they came up with the idea of magnetic resonance charging.)

Galaxy 8 will be launched in April - and Samsung has the goal of selling twice as many of these as compared to the numbers last year. Samsung sold 166 million tablet PCs in 2012 - this year, they're aiming for 330 million.

Samsung had unveiled their Galaxy Note 8 at the MWC2013 in February. It has a quadcore CPU, memory of 2GB, and a 1280x800 HD screen. It will be interesting to see how they do in the domestic market this year.

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