SeedStars World Competition Comes To Korea; Apply Now!
2013년 07월 29일


Seedstars World is an exclusive worldwide competition to discover the best startups in emerging startup scenes. The competition is taking place March to December 2013 in 20 cities across the globe. One startup per country will be selected to participate in the final, held in Spring 2014, in Switzerland. The winners will receive prizes such as equity based investments, entry into acceleration programs, advertising and hosting services.

How to apply? Visit this link and fill in the application, using this code: SSWSeoul20130723

 Pre-selection: Up to 100 startups are chosen in each country, with support from local Advisors and Regional Partners (e.g. accelerators, incubators, startup organizations, VCs, etc) and a short list of 20 startups are selected to pitch at a live pitching event.

Pitching Event: The 20 shortlisted companies pitch their ideas in front of a Regional Jury. At the end of the day, a Regional Winner is selected. Regional winners receive a package of resources and gain entry to the final round.

Final Event: One winner per country plus five additional startups, selected by Seedstars World viewers, are invited to participate in the Final in Switzerland in 2014. The winners will receive a grand prize including equity investment, entry into acceleration programs, advertising and hosting services, for example.

Who can participate? Only invited startups can apply. They must have been founded for no more than 2 years, with a maximum $0.5M funding, to date, and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Where will the pitching events take place and when?

Local pitching events will be held in 20 cities around the world (Moscow, Dubai, Baku, Accra, Kigali, Lagos, Nairobi, Cape Town, Bangalore, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Sydney, Mexico City, Santiago, Buenos Aires & Rio de Janeiro). For more details on the dates and locations visit our website.

Who will be the finalists? At each of the 20 pitching events a local jury will select 1 startup, the regional winner. Every one of the regional winners will receive prizes and automatically be selected to participate in the final competition in Switzerland. In addition 5 startups with the most online votes, from the Seedstars World Community will be selected to take part in the final.

How does the final event in Switzerland work? The Worldwide Jury will vote for Best Worldwide Startup. The votes will be based on a filmed pitch, presentation, websites, etc. provided by the company to Seedstars World. The worldwide winner will get the worldwide winner package prize. And from the 2nd to 10th winning companies will get other various prizes.

How are the juries formed? Regional jury: 1 Member of Seedstars World; 1 regional successful entrepreneur; 2 regional partners; 2 regional investors (VC, Business Angel, Private or public investor)

Final Worldwide Jury: 1 Member of Seedstars World, 3 successful entrepreneurs and 3 regional investors (VC, Business Angel, Private or public investor)

Who will be in charge to follow the project around the world? Alisé de Tonnac and Pierre-Alain Masson, two Seedstars World team members, will travel to the different locations from March to December 2013. To track progress follow our blog to learn more about their trip and about all the events.

How to apply? Visit this link and fill in the application, using this code: SSWSeoul20130723

 Regional Partners for Seoul:


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