Simfler, developer of parenting app BabyTime, secures US$800k investment from TheVentures
2015년 07월 20일


Simfler have developed an app called ‘Baby Time’ which is designed to  make parenting simpler and easier by managing the associated parenting activity data.  The app records and manages activities like feeding intervals, sleeping periods and nappy change times. Along with this essential data, the app provides relevant advice and information on child growth phases, customized growth diary and lullabies.

The app features an intuitive interface allowing the user to record a memo for a particular activity.  For feeding, the user will be able to write a memo regarding ta particular feeding session. The recorded information is stored, managed then provided back to the parent in the form of statistical graphs and daily summaries.  The key summaries can be shared and compared against the recorded data of other infants for which the app now has a database of growth data from over 100,000 cases.

Yang Duk Yong is the Simfler representative that created ‘BabyTime’.  He did this in order to solve his wife’s struggle of hand writing information into a feeding diary. The emphasis during development was to provide an intuitive interface that simplified data input and its management.

BabyTime has now been installed onto more than 300,000 mobile devices marketed via Google Play Store.  There are plans to carry out further functional improvements and to increase its functions based on user feedback.

Mr. Yang (CEO) said all parents start as beginners and the journey is difficult with feeding just the start.  The aim for Simfler is to make the difficult job of parenting as easy and as comfortable as possible.  Through this investment, Simfler aims to position itself as the leader in the market of smart parenting.

Kim Hyun Jin, a Director of TheVentures, said that Simfler’s Baby Time served many different functions, from activity recording, developing and maintaining data records, and sharing data.  After careful observations, The Ventures determined that through the tremendous value of this data management, that various services related to parenting could be offered through it.

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