Korean startup Smatoos receives strategic investment from Miraeen Publishing
2016년 03월 02일


Smatoos, the operator of BeNative Pro, an online business English and Chinese teaching service has secured a strategic investment from Miraeen, an educational content publisher and strategic investment company. BeNative Pro is a service teaching and providing an opportunity to practice the languages of English and Chinese and is delivered in China, Korea and Japan.

The service is offered as part of employment training programs by large corporations, including Samsung, LG, SK and Lotte. In China, Japan and Taiwan, the service is offered between businesses (B2B) and as business to consumer (B2C) packages. Last year the service was included as part of government language training in China and this year the service will be included as part of a university module in Japan.

Kim Mun Soo from Smatoos commented, “We are delighted to be receiving an investment from Miraeen Publishing, a publisher with well recognized best seller titles. We look forward to releasing creative educational contents in the near future through our strategic synergy”. With this investment, Smatoos plans to expand into Central America, South America and India.

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