DaumKakao Launches Korea’s First Mobile Money Transfer Service
2014년 11월 14일

Daum Kakao has finally launched its mobile money service, BankWalletKakao, a service allows users to spend up to $450 per day and transfer up to $90 per day. A number of other major players are likely to follow suit in the near future. It is suggested that these innovations, introduced by IT companies and not banks, could alter the shape of the financial industry in the future. Samsung, who released their own…

Korea is 10 years ahead of the World in the use of Technology to Improve Transportation Systems
  ·  2014년 03월 31일

Public transportation systems are still clumsy to use. If you are in the stone ages of technology, you are standing in queue to buy your ticket. Then joining another queue to get your ticket verified and enter the station. And not to forget, you are asked to tender exact change at the ticket counter; another hassle. If you are in the more developed world, you need to carry a card that helps…