Edward Lee
Couples App ‘Between’ Hits 10 Million Global Downloads, Celebrates Three Years In Operation
2014년 12월 10일

Two weeks after the third anniversary of founding Between, the world’s largest social network for couples, has hit a major milestone, achieving 10 million global downloads. Since launching 3 years ago, Between has enjoyed 100% year-on-year growth. What is perhaps even more encouraging is that in 2014, much of this growth came from overseas markets, such as Japan, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Japan hit its 1 million local downloads earlier this year,…

Top Five Tips For Korean Startups Seeking Opportunity In South East Asian Markets
2014년 10월 06일

It’s one thing for local entrepreneurs to scale across Southeast Asia. It’s quite another for foreign entrepreneurs to do the same. The economic and logistical constraints unique to the region are already difficult to tackle: lack of a universal payment method, like credit cards or PayPal; relatively poor infrastructure and logistics; and hard-to-reach consumers who are more inclined to purchase offline than on. But foreign entrepreneurs have the added disadvantage of being…