Formation 8
Can Korea Rise To The Challenge Of Global innovation Leader?
2014년 12월 25일

“When it comes to innovation Korea is a global leader” – Mark Zuckerburg The above statement comes from a speech Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO delivered recently, and demonstrates a changing tide of thought about Korea. No more the ‘Land of Morning calm’ it once was, Korea is emerging emboldened onto the world stage, ready to prove itself, no matter what. My recent article described Korea’s top accelerators and their efforts in providing…

Yello Mobile Announces $100M Investment From Formation 8, Achieves $1Bn Valuation
2014년 11월 11일

Yello Mobile has today announced an investment of just over $100M from Formation 8 Partners . The investment was made as a result of Yello Mobile’s opportunity to continue to grow into overseas markets. It is expected that the company will utilize Formation 8’s extensive networks and experiences from Silicon Valley, in order to lead the Asian mobile market in the future. Yello Mobile now have 50 ventures in their alliance, having…

beLAUNCH 2014 Speakers Provide Their Feedback An Amazing Event For Asian Startups and Tech, May 14-15
2014년 05월 09일

I got in touch with some of our top speakers in the run-up to beLAUNCH next week and was quite blown away by their enthusiasm for coming to Seoul to see for themselves why Korea is blowing up in the global startup consciousness. Below are a few of these quotations: Eric Migicovsky, CEO Pebble “It has been interesting to see the emergence of Korea as one of the most important high-tech nations…