UAE VC MENA Apps invests US$170 million into Korean Startup with Towerless Internet Technology
2015년 09월 21일

  On the 21st September, global satellite communication company DiGiFi Korea was successful with securing an investment worth US$170 million (KRW 200 billion) from UAE’s largest venture investment company, MENA Apps. Founded in 2014, DiGiFi Korea is a global company that developed an antenna for satellite communication that enables worldwide internet access. Their technology is able to create a wi-fi hotspot through their antenna that broadcasts the internet through low earth orbit satellite….

구글과 피델리티, 앨론 머스크의 스페이스엑스에 1조 9백억원 투자
  ·  2015년 01월 21일

업계에서 솔솔 새어나오던 구글의 스페이스엑스(SpaceX) 투자가 사실인 것으로 밝혀졌다. (관련 기사 : 구글, 엘론 머스크의 ‘화성과 연결할 통신위성 인터넷망 구축’에 동참) 현지시각으로 21일 공개된 이번 투자에는 구글과 피델리티(Fidelity) 등이 참여했으며 투자 규모는 10억 달러(한화 약 1조 9백억 원)에 육박한다. 이번 투자에서 스페이스엑스는 기업가치 100억 달러를 평가받아 구글과 피델리티는 10% 정도의 지분을 소유하게 됐다. 이번 투자는 기존에 구글이 계획하고 있던 범 지구적인 인터넷 망 구축과 얼마 전 엘론 머스크(Elon Musk)가 발표한 통신위성 인터넷…

New Kakao-Daum Merger Aims to De-Throne Naver-Line And Expedite Kakao’s IPO
2014년 05월 27일

Kakao Corp, this week has announced an agreement to buy Korea’s second largest domestic Internet-portal operator Daum Communications in an all-stock deal. It is hoped that the deal will boost the merged entity’s presence in on both Web and mobile services. The deal comes at a time when tech analysts are heralding the end of messaging 2.0, as most independent messaging services which have seen enormous growth recently will now have merged or been…

Google Korea Searches for Deep Truths About its Poor Showing, and finds Answers?
2014년 01월 16일

I have published a number of stories about Google, Naver and Daum, the not so fair battle-ground of Korean internet, but this piece is also very worth while sharing, as it goes into great depth about the issue and also suggests that finally Google may be on the rise. The Korean hit drama series “Respond, 1994” which went off the air two weeks ago after attracting a huge following on cable TV,…

Korea And The Internet Of Things
  ·  2013년 06월 10일

Good thing the Koreans went for the fiber early. South Korea dominates the top lists when it comes to broadband, according to latest edition of Akamai’s State of the Internet report for the three months ending December 31, 2012. The quarterly State of the Internet report puts the South Korean city of Daegu at the top of the 100 fastest cities. Here are some highlights from Akamai’s official press release: Global On…