[스타트, 업(業) #2] 싱가폴 엑셀러레이터가 먼저 알아본 게임같은 쇼핑 앱, ‘셀럽(celuv)’ 이은호 대표 인터뷰
  ·  2014년 08월 01일

글로벌을 외치는 소리가 높아지며 국내 스타트업도 세계 진출을 위한 노력을 활발히 하고있다. 국내에서 서비스를 견고하게 만든 후 세계로 진출하는 스타트업이있는가 하면, 처음부터 세계를 무대로 접근하는 스타트업도 있는 등 각각 자기만의 색깔로 세계 무대에 나서기 위한 움직임들을 보인다. 최근 국내 최초로 싱가폴의 엑셀러레이터, 제이에프디아이 아시아(JFDI.Asia)의 프로그램을 마치고 현지에서 런칭한 서비스가 있다는 소식이 들려왔다. 바로 게임화 요소를 넣은 패션 쇼핑 앱 ‘셀럽(CELUV)’이다. 셀럽의 이은호 대표는 글로벌 진출을 꾀하던 차에 제이에프디아이 아시아의 엑셀러레이팅 프로그램에 지원하고, 싱가폴…

Korea’s Banks Foundation and Singapore’s JFDI Announce Partnership to Connect & Accelerate Startups Across Asia
2014년 05월 22일

Over the last year collaboration between the startup ecosystems in North and South Asia has seen greatly increased velocity as resources come together to enable the rising tide in Asian entrepreneurship to accelerate. And in recent days Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI), an accelerator based in Singapore, and the Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs (Banks Foundation) a community centre for Korean entrepreneurs in Seoul, have announced a partnership. This formal collaboration aims to…

은행권청년창업재단, 동남아 대표 엑셀러레이터 ‘JFDI’와 전략적 파트너십 구축
2014년 05월 22일

▲은행권청년창업재단 이나리 센터장과 JFDI 휴 메이슨 공동대표 은행권청년창업재단*(이사장 박병원, dcamp.kr, 이하 재단)은 싱가포르 최대의 스타트업 엑셀러레이터(투자·보육기관)인 JFDI와 5월 22일 전략적 파트너십을 위한 업무 협약을 체결했다. JFDI는 세계적 스타트업 육성기관 연합체인 ‘GAN(Global Accelerator Network)’의 아시아 최초이자 유일한 동남아 회원기관이다. 2012년 본격적인 보육을 시작해, 대상 스타트업의 66%가 평균 5억 원 규모의 후속 투자를 유치하는 등 뛰어난 성과를 거뒀다. 또한 싱가포르 등 6개 아시아 국가에서 창업 아이디어를 겨루는‘스타트업 위크앤드 (Startup Weekend)’ 행사를 연속 개최해, 220여개에 달하는 시제품 개발에 성공했다. 이번 협약은 아시아 창업 생태계 허브로서 재단의 역할을 강화하고…

Last Chance to Apply for JFDI’s Current Session, Asia’s Top Accelerator in Singapore
2014년 02월 20일

The application period for JFDI’s next session is open, but only for a few short days, before decisions are made about which founders will join the program this time around. Apply here now. In the past year JFDI has worked with 19 teams from all over Asia and as program Director, Ray Wu, looked back on his experience leading entrepreneurs he realized the importance of what JFDI is doing to build the startup community in…

10 Korean Startup Teams Back Home After a Month of Acceleration in Singapore
2013년 12월 27일

Just over a month ago 10 Korean startup teams departed for Singapore on a month-long acceleration program jointly organized by NIPA (National IT Promotion Agency) and beSUCCESS. The teams were based in the well known Singapore startup hub of Block 71, where they were able to tap into the advanced startup community surrounding local stars like JFDI Asia, Singtel’s investment arm Innov8, and South East Asia’s startup media heavyweight, e27 which also…

More Than 300 Teams Apply For Asia’s Best Accelerator : JFDI Gearing Up For Their Next Class
2013년 08월 02일

JFDI’s 2nd program for 2013 is scheduled to start on 29 August and the first confirmed participating team is Vault Dragon, from Singapore. They will be joined by 10-12 other teams, drawn from over 1,400 individuals who registered interest. In exchange for a minority equity stake, every team will receive a package including $11,700 cash, mentoring valued at $117,000, technical and other vendor perks worth $234,000 and working space for the duration of…

JFDI.ASIA Opens A New Application Process For Its Accelerator Programs
2013년 07월 02일

The Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI.Asia) is currently accepting rolling applications from ambitious early stage Internet businesses to its regular acceleration programs. Purely on the basis of merit, strong teams from anywhere in the world will be offered a place on the next available program. Teams already in Singapore will be offered immediate access to seminars and workshops that will help them make the most of the opportunity. More than 280 teams…

JFDI’s Recent Demo Day Attracts Strong Support From the Investor Crowd in SE Asia
2013년 06월 17일

Singapore, 12 June 2013 — Last week saw JFDI.Asia field seven new and two returning startups at the Demo Day which marked the end of its first seed accelerator program for 2013. Over 100 investor meetings were set up in the hour following the event and, this week, reaction from investors has flowed in with some prepared to nominate the startups that caught their eye. The JFDI.Asia 2013A Demo Day was sponsored…

JFDI’s IT-Based Bootcamp Ready To Rock From February – Meet The Lucky Teams Here
2013년 02월 07일

JFDI is Singapore’s most established accelerator. They have just announced the eight teams who will join their program for its first 2013 outing, starting in February.