Phil Libin
[Exclusive] Interview With Phil Libin At beLAUNCH2013
  ·  2013년 05월 01일

I had the privilege of talking to Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote, about the current outlook of the Korean startup ecosystem. Phil shared with us some of his valuable insights with regards to the startup industry, entrepreneurship, and his perception of Korea. Sue J. Hur: Hi Phil, thank you for making the time for me today. Phil Libin: Thank you Sue. Sue: You mentioned that you’re looking for significant talents in…

Evernote CEO, Phil Libin, Speaking in Seoul at beLAUNCH 2013
2013년 01월 17일

Another key Silicon Valley speaker at our event May 1-2, Coex, Seoul. Phil Libin is the CEO of Evernote, a platform that enables users to capture arrange and manage information from multiple sources. Prior to launching Evernote in 2008 he founded and served as president of CoreStreet.

'에버노트'의 Phil Libin, "beLAUNCH 2013" 스피커 합류
2013년 01월 16일

대한민국 최대의 스타트업/테크 컨퍼런스 “beLAUNCH 2013”에 ‘에버노트(Evernote)’의 최고경영자(CEO) ‘필 리빈(Phil Libin)’이 스피커로 합류했다. 에버노트는 현재 전 세계 4천500만 명 이상의 사용자를 보유하고 있으며 매일 평균 6만5천명의 신규 가입자를 확보하고 있다. 100년 기업을 꿈꾼다는 필 리빈의 이야기를 “beLAUNCH 2013”이 함께 한다.

Evernote CEO, Phil Libin, speaking at beLAUNCH 2013, in Seoul
2013년 01월 10일

beLAUNCH proud to announce another top CEO speaker:“I’m pretty sure that we’re the fastest growing company ever in terms of new users, that’s not growing virally or paying for new customers” is what Phil Libin says of Evernote, which he founded in 2007.