Naver Q4 profit up 5 % vs year earlier
2016년 01월 28일

South Korean leading search company ‘Naver’ said its Q4 profit rose 5 percent from a year earlier. Net profit came to 141.5 billion won (US$118 million) in that period, compared with the 129.6 billion won a year earlier. Advertisement sales from its mobile search engine platform have been the main revenue streamline for its quarterly performance, accounting for 42 percent of the total advertisement sales. While sales from domestic advertisements moved up 15.2 percent, that…

Naver Enjoys Strong Revenue On The Back Of LINE Success
2014년 10월 31일

Naver, Korea’s largest search portal and parent company of the popular LINE messeging application, has sustained double-digit growth in the third quarter of this year The primary reason for this is strong revenue growth in overseas markets. The company posted sales of around $700 million for the third quarter of this year, up 22.3% on the same period last year. Operating profit for the quarter is estimated at around $188 million, also…

Samsung Q3 Operating Profit Estimated at $9.4Bn / Apple Has More Cash Than They Can Handle
2013년 10월 07일

Samsung Electronics achieved a record-high performance in the third quarter of this year. Unlike market expectations that the growth of its smartphone business would slow, Samsung sustained a record-breaking pace in smartphone sales. Moreover, its semiconductor and telecommunications business, which slipped to supporting roles, reemerged as one of main actors. The most striking feature in the third-quarter results released by Samsung on October 4 is that its operating profit reached 10.1 trillion…