Korean recruitment service startup ‘Wanted’ receives $1.4m investment
2015년 09월 23일

‘Wanted’ developed by ‘Wanted Labs’ is an employment recommendation service. The company has attracted investments of US$1.4m (KRW 1.7b) from KTB Network, Mirae Asset Venture Investment and Stone Bridge Capital. This has come four months after the release of their open-beta service. Wanted allows experts in a field to recommend peers. If the lead is successful, the person who made the recommendation is rewarded with a recommendation fee. Companies from different fields have…

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  ·  2013년 08월 12일

선발 전공자의 관점에서 모집(recruitment)에서 고려해야 하는 점과 이력서 고르기부터 시작해 실제 사람을 선발하는 방법에 대한 도움말