Sunday Toz
SundayToz Initiates $30 Million USD ‘AniPang Fund’ To Support Startups
2014년 12월 22일

Korean gaming company ‘SundayToz’ and The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Development and have created the ‘AniPang Fund.’ The fund will be aimed at startups in the following fields: Gaming, Social, digital content, platform based technology and contents based technology. The ‘AniPang Future Contents Investment Association’ will operate under the management of Smilegate Investment. While the fund will primarily focused on startups in Korea, a representative from SundayToz has confirmed that they are…

The Korean Gaming Industry Doesn’t Stick Out As One That Needs Support… But They’re Getting It
2014년 12월 20일

According to an article on Business Korea, the Korean government is planning to invest at least $209 million USD over the next five years to promote the growth of the game industry. This comes in a year where game developer 4:33 Creative Labs raised around $110 million USD from Tencent / Line, Smilegate bought a $110 million USD stake in Sunday Toz, Devsisters went public at a $627 million USD valuation, we announced…

Sunday Toz’s Anipang 2 accused of plagiarizing King’s Candy Crush
2014년 01월 16일

‘Anipang 2,’ SundayToz’s follow-up release to its big hit ‘Anipang’ from 2013 has been accused of plagiarizing one of their hottest competitor games, Candy Crush Saga. Until now, ‘Anipang 2’ has only made basic announcements about its developing, and not the details about the game. The title was released on Google Play Store on January 13th and showcases a different game stage structure from its predecessor, Anipang. The issue is that the new…