투어 및 액티비티 예약 플랫폼 ‘데얼’, 여행 테크 컨퍼런스 ‘웹인트레블(WIT)’ 스타트업 부트캠프 우승
2016년 06월 10일

여행자들에게 투어 및 액티비티(Tours & Activities)를 현지보다 저렴하게 예약할 수 있는 플랫폼을 운영하는 ‘데얼(THERE)’이 세계 최대 여행-테크 콘퍼런스인 ‘웹인트레블, 도쿄(Web In Travel, Tokyo)’ 스타트업 부트캠프에서 우승을 차지했다. 6월 2일, 행사 첫째 날 스타트업 부트캠프 세션을 통해 데얼를 포함해 총 10개 팀의 발표가 있었으며, 그중 4개 팀을 선정해 6월 3일 경합을 벌였다. 투어 및 액티비티 분야 스타트업 클룩(Klook)이 작년 웹인트레블 도쿄에서 우승한 데 이어 올해도 같은 분야의 스타트업인 데얼이 바통을 이었다. 강영열 대표는 “우리의 작은…

Tech Crunch Tokyo Welcomes Korean Founders To Explore Opportunities In Japan
2014년 11월 04일

Big market, similar culture, high ARPU, this is what you hear about the Japanese market. But is it all true? According to Jason Wi, Senior associate of Softbank Ventures Korea, 80% of their portfolio companies are now seeking opportunities in the Japanese market, or have already entered. TechCrunch Japan will hold TechCrunch Tokyo 2014, November 18~19th in Tokyo. This event presents a great opportunity for startups from around Asia to explore the opportunities that…

Mbite, Korean Provider of Game Illustrators’ Platform, Receives Cash Investment from Global Brain
2014년 07월 08일

Global Brain, an early and growth stage investor from Tokyo has just announced its most recent investment in a Korean startup. The “GB-V Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership” managed by Global Brain Corporation, has invested an undisclosed amount in Mbite Inc., from Seoul, Korea. Founded in 2011 MBite is a global provider of game illustrators’ matching platform “”. The fresh finances will be used to bolster R&D capabilities and hire a global sales team….

Asia’s Largest Mobile Conference Invites Korean Startups to Its Tokyo Event
2014년 07월 07일

The Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), Asia’s largest mobile industry conference which is hosted annually in Beijing, is making a foray into Japan with GMIC Tokyo on July 11, 2014. GMIC Tokyo will bring together industry experts as well as up-and-coming innovators at Hikarie Hall in Tokyo’s hip Shibuya district. The theme of GMIC Tokyo 2014 is “Globalization of Mobile”. The organizer Great Wall Club’s (GWC) inaugural GMIC in Japan, GMIC Tokyo promises to be the biggest…

Cyber Agent Ventures’ Rising Expo Finals in Tokyo Set To Catalyze Their Position in Asia’s Startup Scene
2014년 07월 01일

  Cyber Agent Ventures has been actively expanding its portfolio of startup investments across Asia and due to their physical networks and offices on the ground around Asia have emerged as a powerful force catalysing the growth of the Asia-wide startup ecosystem. Their annual flagship event will be returning home to Tokyo on August 8th, after touch-downs in South East Asia, Seoul and China. RISING EXPO is looking for startups who aspire…

Startup Asia Comes To Tokyo, Offers Korean Entrepreneurs 25% Off Event Tickets
2014년 06월 05일

To be held on September 3 and 4, 2014, at Shibuya Hikarie, Startup Asia Tokyo is a two-day conference focusing on the growing technology and startup industry across Asia. Startup Asia Tokyo serves as a bridge connecting the Japanese technology community with the rest of Asia. With the unique code <StartupRocks>, you can purchase Startup Asia Tokyo 2014 tickets with a 25 percent discount here. Organized by Tech in Asia, a leading media company covering technology…