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10 Pieces of “Marriage Advice” For Startups
2015년 06월 08일

Raising funds from venture capitalists is just like entering into a marriage, especially if a partner takes a seat on your board. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a venture capitalist (who to marry) and how to best work with that person after receiving investment (after the honeymoon). Below are a few pointers from Eric Kim, Managing Partner of Goodwater Capital, who works closely with startups in Silicon…

Korea’s Changing Landscape for Entrepreneurs
2014년 04월 10일

Korea is a country traditionally tied up in confusion societal order with a fierce preservation of tradition and status quo. Yet with this backdrop for tradition, Korea has obtained the highest levels of Internet access and lighting speed connections with intent now to upgrade to an unprecedented next-generation 5G wireless service that will be able to download full-length movies in one second. While the older generation listen to calming folk song and…