Multi-SNS advertising app Tenping secures investment from Capstone Partners
2015년 11월 10일


10th November 2015 - Tenping, a public company providing real time mobile rumor service revealed it had received an investment from Capstone Partners.

Tenping is a marketing service that allows advertising content to be released in native format. The app then releases this onto other social networks, blogs and mobile apps. Already more than 100 advertising companies have used the service to release over 600 advertising contents.

Since launching in May last year, the company has attracted great attention and investments from the likes of Cheil Advertising agency, Mashup Angels, Capstone Partners, other Korean advertising companies and venture capitals.

With this recent Series A investment, Tenping aims to develop online advertising method that promote profit generating models for content distributors.

Go Jun Song from Tenping said, “We are very happy to have been provided the support of many various private investors and investment institutions which has allowed our company to focus on bringing innovation to the advertising business”. “In harmonizing the customer and advertiser communication relationship, we plan on developing our system and algorithms to provide not just ‘advertisement’ content that is ‘informative’”.

Jung Sang Yeop a team leader at Capstone Partners commented, “The trend in advertising has seen more time being shared on mobile and social networks”. “The traditional methods of desktop portals is on the way out”. Capstone Partners were impressed with the fact the company had managed to operate solutions tackling advertisements that are not optimized for social network as well as create contents through social network advertising.

With the influence the founder who has an engineering background in portals (Daum, Kakao) as well as advertising (Cheil), there is great expectations from investors for the development of the company.

Capstone partners is a venture capital that specializes in investments in the field of internet, mobile and contents. The investments include; mobile streaming service ‘Bit (Bit Packing Company)’, mobile business card service ‘remember (Drama & Company)’ and online travel service ‘my real trip’. The company is also a considered by China’s Tencent to be a major contributor to many investment fields.

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