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Korean startup Buzzvil receives $11.2m Series B investment for mobile lock screen advertising platform
2015년 12월 24일

23 December – Buzzvil a startup based in Seoul Korea and the creators of a mobile lockscreen advertising platform have received a series B investment of US$11.2m (KRW 13b). The investment comes from five (5) separate investors comprised of LB investment, KTB network, POSCO Ventures, Company K Partners, and ES Investment. This is the second investments for Buzzvil after their US$3.4m (KRW4b) investment from Softbank Investment two (2) years ago in December…

Multi-SNS advertising app Tenping secures investment from Capstone Partners
2015년 11월 10일

10th November 2015 – Tenping, a public company providing real time mobile rumor service revealed it had received an investment from Capstone Partners. Tenping is a marketing service that allows advertising content to be released in native format. The app then releases this onto other social networks, blogs and mobile apps. Already more than 100 advertising companies have used the service to release over 600 advertising contents. Since launching in May last year, the…

Mobile Advertising App ‘Hooreel’ Receives Investment from Primer and Sazze
2015년 10월 05일

Korea’s largest angel investor, Primer, teamed up with US-based eCommerce investor, Sazze, to invest in Indie CF aiming to revolutionize mobile advertising with their service Hooreel that connects people in need of video ads to capable directors. Hooreel puts the power of an entire video production studio in the palm of every smartphone user, enabling people to plan, edit and broadcast their own viral marketing videos. With this investment, Hooreel plans to expand their…

OnnuriDMC Develops Tech To Track Mobile Users In Real Time, Mobile Advertisers Rejoice
2014년 10월 08일

Sparklabs fourth batch recently kicked off and I had the chance to speak with one of their most promising startups, OnnuriDMC. OnnuriDMC operates a mobile advertising platform, CrossTarget, that the founders believe has solved a major issue for mobile advertisers; being able to track users in the mobile app environment in real time. Background In the PC environment advertisers are able to easily track user behavior through cookies, but this is generally…

[beTECH] 2013년 모바일 광고 시장 전년 대비 105% 성장, 20조 규모
  ·  2014년 03월 20일

2013년 모바일 광고 시장 전년 대비 105% 성장, 2014년은 75% 성장 예상  모바일 광고 시장의 성장이 무섭다. 전자상거래 및 온라인 마케팅 전문 조사기관인 이마케터(eMarketer)는 2013년 모바일 광고 매출이 2012년 대비 105% 성장한 180억 달러(약 19조)이며 2014년엔 75% 성장한 315억 달러(약 33조 7,000억 원)에 이를 것으로 전망했다. 모바일 광고의 선두 주자는 역시 구글로, 2013년 전체 시장의 49.3%를 차지했으며 올해도 46.8%의 시장을 점유할 것으로 예상된다. 모바일 광고시장에서 페이스북은 무섭게 성장하고 있다. 2013년 17.5%에서 2014년에는…

Korean Startup Enkino is chasing the next frontier of advertising – smartphone homescreens
2014년 01월 02일

Post written by Terence Lee at TechInAsia: Facebook is perhaps the most engaging app in the world, with 1.15 billion monthly active users and a staggering average daily usage of 20 minutes. But if there’s something people look at more than the social network, it’s probably their smartphone homescreens. That’s what EnKino, a startup out of South Korea, is counting on. It wants to turn homescreens into advertising space that can be sold to brands…

Korea’s Mobile Advertising Market Continues To Grow
  ·  2013년 02월 21일

In 2011, the market was worth 76.2 billion KRW – in 2012, this figure increased to 216 billion KRW (approx. $198 million USD) with the growing presence of smartphones and high-speed internet and this year, it is expected that this figure will double to approximately 416 million KRW.

If You Are Running A Mobile Ad Campaign In NE Asia, Ignore Japan
2013년 02월 05일

In China and Korea mobile advertising has been viewed by 50% of consumers, while in Japan the figure is only 19%. If you are running a mobile marketing campaign, avoid Japan.