Thinking About A Japanese Launch Of Your PC / Mobile App. You Might Want to Speak To Tokyo-Based AdJapon
2013년 02월 28일

Earlier this month we were visited by the enthusiastic team from Adjapan and 8crops, which are subsidiaries of Fancommunications, one of the largest ASPs (affiliate service providers) in Japan. They offer a range of interesting marketing solutions for both PCs and smartphones.

AdJapon helps their customers manage the increasingly complex ad networks required for global app marketing initiatives.

8crops are the developers behind Adcrops, a CPI (cost per install) based app ad service for smartphones, and posted revenue of about $3.5M.

One key factor that Adcrops has addressed is the difference between the distinctive shopping habits of Koreans and Japanese. Koreans usually buy apps through web searches or friends recommendations. Japanese, however, normally buy apps through review sites, and it is app advertising on these sites that Adcrops has become expert in. In order to achieve the highest possible reach Adcrops has formed partnerships with more than 330 reviewing apps/sites. This includes Japan’s largest review site, Appbank. Their alliances enable reach to more than 6million Japanese users.

After sustained success in their local market, Adcrop has now started expanding overseas, initially to Korea. As a first step towards breaking into new territory their recent activity has focused on building the powerful human networks, that their services and any successful app marketing strategy rely on.

Another advantage that Adcrops has is its ability to penetrate the market very quickly. Originally apps are built in SDK (software development kit) which needs to be updated and approved by the app store, prior to release. This process can take over 3-4 weeks, resulting in a serious risk of lost revenue, and missing that golden moment. Adcrops has removed this procedure, so app advertisement is much faster and more straightforward.

To learn more about Adcrops current services and future expansion please contact

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