This Week’s Startup – DreamCosmo
2013년 07월 07일

This Week's Startup - DreamCosmo


DreamCosmo <Dreamallow>





Our Dream is to help your "Dreams Come True"- DreamCosmo

"It was all started from my dream. My dream to help others' dreams come true!" said Mr. Shin,  the founder of DreamCosmo.
DreamCosmo's first ever app service in public called "dreamallow" is now getting popular in Korea by providing various interesting tools to achieve users' goals. Dreamallow presents challenge missions in various themes such as loosing weight, organizing your house/rooms, organizing your time for a day, and workouts. Once you participate in the mission, you will be given some more support from dreamallow. Participants will be able to interact with experts by asking questions and getting feed backs, as well as with the other participants in the same mission who can be working as a motivator.

Dreamallow mission cards

Dreamallow mission cards

dreamallow 2 dreamallow 3


Why do people fail to achieve their dreams?

This question always stay on Mr. Shin's mind (the founder of DreamCosmo). "I have been thinking 'why?' people have to end up failing whatever the great plans are. There are great textbooks, books, programs, videos, lectures and seminars that are well made and ready to be used by ordinary people, for instance, '7 habits of highly effective people'. their change is not made for life-long it is only temporary like at the moment they are listening to the seminar. There are no follow-ups and no consistency. So that's how Dreamallow came out. I realized that people are lacking in consistency in implementation of the plan so we tried to make our app service enjoyable while they are running efficiently onto  their goals" said Mr. Shin.


Future direction

There are more than 20 million young (aged between 10 to 39,) smart phone users in S.Korea and DreamCosmo sees this young users' online-learning industry as their target. Many of institutes, schools, private teachers and lecturers will be in need of having equipped with online-learning support tool to improve the quality of the education. For them, potential domestic market size is about 260 billion and it is expected this to be larger in the coming years.

The basic idea of the Dreamallow is understanding but it seemed to be bit serious or boring for some people. This business touches the most critical part of people "life". If people are dedicated enough to search for motivating/life-changing lecturers or seminar, will they really need another tool to do their planning? This question might hold the future of the business.

<Dreamallow Introduction Video>




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