This Week’s Startup – Baedal Minjok
2013년 06월 07일

This Week's Startup - Woowa Bros.


Woowa Brothers <Baedal Minjok>


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"If you have ever been to South Korea, what is the most surprising part ?" Most of answers to this questions are predictable; foods, people, culture, and nature. But there is one answer unexpected; food delivery service.

Food delivery service can be seen almost everywhere in South Korea bringing convenient, city life-style. With one easy phone call, you can have various types of foods at almost any time you are awake (until 2 am), serviced to your door in 10-20 mins.

Woowa Brothers's' app service Baedal Minjok, literally translated as the people of delivery in Korean, draws massive attention appearing on  various media. Woowa Brothers  moved all these local food stores onto your Smartphones. The app service (Baedal Minjok), as a food delivery platform, give customers  the full range of restaurants and menu available near your locations. Whatever you want to eat, you can order and pay directly on your Smartphones. Moreover, this App service enables customers to make wise decision by providing useful information such as how great is the distance from their house to the restaurant they are looking as well as feedback from previous customers on the restaurant with rating system.

Furthermore, using this App service, owners and managers of the local food delivery stores can figure out what is good and bad about their products by communicating with their customers. Also their sales graph can be provided in a regular basis. This app service lessens the marketing costs and improve their efficiency in business evaluations.

It seems that Baedal Minjok has already built strong trust on the owners/managers of the restaurants in Korea and took the lead in the market. The number of downloads reached up to 6 million by May, 2013. This estimates that about 20% of the entire smartphone users(30 million) in South Korea are using this App service to order foods.

However, the potential is bigger than what they have already achieved. Previously, consumers always have to keep the piles of flyers (for all different types of delivery foods and menu) in their house.  . As their mission is to develop the delivery service industry by applying brand-new technology, it is expected that Woowa Brothers will bring a huge innovation in delivery culture in Korea.

<Introduction of the Baedal Minjokl>

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