Tribeluga with bigger plans to establish Korean startups in other countries
2016년 03월 08일

Tribeluga, a pioneering cross-border innovation platform focusing on funding and nurturing Health, Education, and Environment (HEE) technologies across China, Korea and the US has held a press conference at the Lotte Hotel to announce their performance and plans for the future.


Tribeluga was first registered as a Korean entity in 2014 and in the same year held the 'Tribeluga Tech Conference Beijing'. The company participated in beGLOBAL Seoul 2015 and throughout last year assisted two Korean startups advance their developments.

The first investments into a Korean startup company was VTOUCH which was announced in July 2015. VTOUCH enables the ability to control smart devices through motion rather than touch. The technology was demonstrated in beGLOBAL Seoul 2012. The second Korean startup investment was NThing which was announced in September 2015. NThing are developers of horicultural Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

For these two Korean startups, Tribeluga is aiming to advance the support by linking strategic partners, promoting the companies with marketing, and to develop distribution channels.

Kim Hae Yeon from NThing commented, "Although we have limited information and knowledge of the Chinese market, Tribeluga are able to provide our required assistance with a team that thoroughly understands this market. We have higher hopes now of greater revenue and business targets".

Kim Do Hyun from VTOUCH commented, "Finding the right partner to take VTOUCH technology to China is our aim. Tribeluga will help establish the required networks to enter the Chinese market".

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