Couples App ‘Between’ Launches 3.0 Update Allowing Better Personalization Features
2015년 10월 20일


South Korea, 20 October 2015 - Between, the leading private app for couples, announced the release of a major app update today. The new version, Between’s third since it’s launch in November 2011, allows couples to make their private space more personal. This update helps continue VCNC’s vision of enriching real and offline-based relationships through an emotional communication service.

While affection might spark romance, maintaining a committed relationship takes serious work from both parties. Over the four years of helping couples strengthen their relationships, VCNC has found that on top of just privacy, couples require more practical functions for their relationships - tools for personalization and organization.

"Through our first and second versions, we realized that couples need better tools to manage their relationships," said Jake Park, CEO of VCNC. "We found that we could add more value to couples' real-life relationships by providing the right tools to encourage organization and reminiscence."

This update is part of the VCNC's goal to help couples reflect on the past, communicate the present, and plan their future together. Communication can happen on any platform, but couples in romantic relationships need more than that. Between 3.0 aims to target practical intimacy.

In Between 3.0, couples can personalize their private space to make it more special. Significant changes in the home screen layout, moments (photos and notes), and calendar allow couples to be more organized and reflective.

Major updates include the following:

  • Informative home screen: Instead of a fixed tab, couples have access to more information on their expanded home screen. Key dates, such as partner’s birthdays and anniversaries, are easily scrolled through. The weather function has been expanded to show a weekly weather report, allowing couples to better plan their dates. Recent photos have been brought up with a preview on the home screen and an added “Time Machine” section that takes couples back to a special moment in their relationship. The Event Box has also been brought up on the home screen to allow couples a peek into the latest promotions and deals that would be beneficial for their relationship. Couples can also see their communication activity, tracking messages sent and photos shared..
  • A more personalized space: Photo editing tools, such as frames and doodles, have been added, enabling couples to personalize their home screen photo. On individual profile pages, users can now add profile background images to their personal pages.
  • Integrated and improved calendar: On top of having daily weather, there are now three types of events--mine, yours, and ours--to help users to track different occasions. The new calendar allows scrolling, so users can easily look back across a longer period of time. Moreover, the calendar is now synced with photos and notes. Move back through time to get a visual representation of the key memories created together.
  • Better photo albums: Photos were previously organizable only by chronological dates. Between 3.0 allows couples to sort their photos by creating photo albums for specific themes.

In Korea and Japan, Between has also started offering suggestions for popular date activities.

By allowing users to take more control of their private space and providing tools to help manage their relationship, Between seeks to help couples focus more on their relationships.

Currently, Between has more than 14 million global downloads. To date, Between users have sent over 40 billion messages and uploaded over 424 million photos.

Between 3.0 is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

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