Venture investment firm 1Billion Partners Inc explores global startup opportunities at BEYOND Expo in Macau
2023년 05월 12일

1Billion Partners Inc. , a venture investment firm based in South Korea, recently participated in the prestigious BEYOND International Technology Innovation Expo (BEYOND Expo) held in Macau. Recognized as Asia's largest technology expo, the event took place from May 10 to 12 and served as a significant platform for global technological innovation and industrial modernization. It attracted over 800 exhibitors representing 120 countries.

With a focus on supporting startups with innovative ideas and growth potential, 1Billion Partners has been actively involved in fostering entrepreneurship in South Korea and beyond. Since its establishment in October 2021, the firm has undertaken numerous investments, showcasing its commitment to nurturing emerging businesses.

During the BEYOND Expo , 1Billion Partners had the opportunity to showcase its commitment to supporting startups globally at the Korea Tech Reception. This gathering brought together prominent media and tech companies from across Asia and worldwide. The company leveraged this platform to highlight the immense potential of the Korean startup ecosystem and share insights into its investment strategy to promote and nurture global startups.

1Billion Partners

1Billion Partners co-founder James Jung at BEYOND Expo 2023

The company emphasized its active role in assisting startups in expanding their reach on a global scale and creating value through various activities. The firm established 1Billion Accel in 2022, a subsidiary that manages angel funds in Korea.

As both a venture investment firm and an accelerator, the company manages a diverse portfolio of over 15 startups with global growth potential. Among the notable startups in 1Billion Partners' portfolio are Pleisure, a tennis lesson matching platform that recently sponsored the 2023 ATP Seoul Open Challenger Tour; GI Billions, a producer of Korea's premium dental care brand; Gadget Korea, an operator of a global roaming eSIM called USimsa, and Ggeek beer, renowned as one of the finest craft breweries in Korea.

Furthermore, 1Billion Partners shared its plans to expand its presence in Southeast Asia and support more global startups. BEYOND Expo brings together diverse participants from the global tech industry, including startups, investors, tech companies, and media representatives. Hence the Expo presented valuable networking opportunities for 1Billion Partners to connect with potential investment targets, industry experts, and other stakeholders. The company shared its plans to establish 1Billion Private Equity, acquire a PEF GP license and expand its presence into Southeast Asia through 1Billion Partners Singapore.

BEYOND Expo 2023

1Billion Partners founders James Jung & Choi Sung-Hee at BEYOND Expo 2023

1Billion Partners was founded by Choi Sung-Hee and James Jung. With over 5 years of experience in PEF investments and expertise in growth stage investment and cross-border deals, Sung-Hee previously served as a Director at IDG Capital's Korean branch. On the other hand, James Jung brings over 10 years of experience in the startup ecosystem. Currently, he serves as the CEO and Founder of beSUCCESS Media group, showcasing his expertise in early-stage startup investments.

"By leveraging the advanced technologies and solutions developed in Korea, we can create a more streamlined and sustainable industry in Macau, benefiting both businesses and the local community. BEYOND Expo provides a great platform for business integration and technology development," said Sang Hee, Co-founder of 1BillionPartners Inc. "Through its participation in the BEYOND Expo and ongoing support for Korean startups, 1Billion Partners continues to play an integral role in the growth and development of the startup ecosystem, fostering innovation and creating opportunities for entrepreneurs," he added.

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