What the Block? How to own stakes in sports clubs and stars with cryptocurrencies ‘Globatalent’
2018년 05월 30일

Any soccer fans out here? (or football fans if you prefer the British posh way of naming it) The childhood me used to seriously believe that I would become the first woman playing alongside Messi or Beckham. Despite having virtually no talent, I spent hours and hours
running around soccer fields all the way until I got hit by the soccer ball enough for it to
break my nose.  
Nevertheless, there’s a very interesting ICO I want to introduce today for all the soccer fans today! It is none other than 'Globatalent' - the ICO project backed
by FC Barcelona’s Luis Suarez and South Korea’s boy wonder Lee Seung Woo.

©Sunil Bhardwaj, the founder of Globatalent

The idea of merging sports fandom and blockchain was very interesting - how did this
idea come to life? That’s what I wanted to learn from Sunil Bhardwaj,
the founder of Globatalent

Q. Could you briefly introduce yourself and tell me how did you began
My name is Sunil Bhardwaj and I am a successful entrepreneur experienced in the sports
industry. Having spent several years as general manager of top basketball teams in
Europe, I also founded a sport image right hedge fund when I was 23 years old and we
generated annual revenues of $26million. After spending the last couple of years being
directly involved in the crypto currency field, I saw an opportunity to decentralize
thesports industry by creating a blockchain platform. This led me to co-found
Globatalent with Blockchain influencers and advocates of the sporting world.

Globatalent allows clubs and players sell ownership stakes of themselves to their fans
using the GlobaPlayer token. Effectively, the fans become investors. With these tokens
fans and investors will receive a portion of the future revenues of clubs or players.
Globatalent makes its profit by taking a fee equal to 3% of each transaction.

Globatalent is an opportunity for billions of people to connect with their favourite team
or sports person on a deeper more personal level. The opportunity for the athlete
to share their sports plans and the opportunity for supporters to invest in them
brings a level of support for that player on both a financial and personal level that
could not currently happen in the sports world today. Globatalent will allow young
athletes and children to achieve their dreams and become super star talent
as they will now have access to financial aid that previously would only have been
available for the select few.

Q. What about the less popular talent - can they use this platform to get fans to invest in them?
Absolutely. Younger athletes have the opportunity to use the Globatalent platform to
share their sports plans. This means that the supporters get the chance to invest
in the next ‘Luis Suarez’, the next ‘Serena Williams’, the next ‘Tom Brady’
or even the next ‘Seung Woo-Lee’.

Q. In sports, there are some high-profile  cases of tax evasions from renowned athletes.  How can Globatalent play a part in bettering the landscape?
We truly believe that by using blockchain technology, this allows us to eradicate
the dark side of finance in sport. We are fully concerned that few athletes have had
tax issues as well as some sport institutions but Blockchain and
Globatalent can allow a more transparent and a very public process.
We do not support any athlete who will evade tax.

As a former teenager who dreamt of going pro, I know how immense
the sacrifices are those preparing for a career as a professional athlete.
I sincerely hope that it would be the lesser known athletes who can truly benefit
from such a platform, although I would love to own a bit of Luis Suarez or Seung Woo Lee...

*If you want to learn more about the VR/AR blockchain project I’m working on, please visit our website.

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