Yellowmobile records US$66 million Q2 sales
2015년 09월 01일



As revealed on the 31st August, mobile service provider YellowMobile has reported Q2 sales total of US$66m which is up 533% from the same period last year.  Compared to Q1 figures, sales has grown by 38%. YellowMobile's Q2 goals followed on from Q1 trends as they concentrated their efforts on expansion into foreign markets, and positioning itself for sector growth. The results of the 5 business streams categorised in order of magnitude are:

  • O2O $27.6m (YoY 1,620%)
  • Advertisement  and Digital Marketing $21.7m (YoY 209%)
  • Travel $7.53m (YoY 1,033%)
  • Shopping Media US$7.2m (YoY 624%)
  • Media Contents $1.55m (YoY 271%)

The business steam of O2O recorded both the highest level of business and growth, accounting for 42% of total sales. The business stream of travel also experienced significant growth.

Yellow Mobile has continued an aggressive marketing campaign that focused on their core business competencies.  During the Q2, a total of $13.8m was spent in marketing for Coocha a shopping media platform, Pikicast a mobile content platform and Tourbaksa an online travel agency.

In order to maintain their foothold in the South Asia market, the group has consolidated its leading mobile business into a regional operation for South East Asia. For advertising and marketing, the Singapore content marketing group Gushcloud has amalgamated the following companies:

  • Adyim (Thailand)
  • CleverAds (Vietnam)
  • Websosanh (Vietnam)

The O2O business department which markets healthcare and accommodation, IT/CRM, settlement and MRO the growth has been a steady continuation of Q1 trends. A key achievement for the department was Goodoc their health formation app which surpassed 2 million downloads during June.

Lee Sang Hyeok, CEO at Yellow Mobile, said “During the the first half of the year, we consistently focused on strengthening our bases for growth with belief that efforts would be rewarded later in the year".  He added that “Yellow Mobile will present a new paradigm to the mobile market by extending its vision to build a mobile ecosystem that will expand into the all of the Asian market.”

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