Baemin Fresh acquires Korea’s leading traditional side dish delivery service
2015년 11월 25일


Baemin Fresh, a service dedicated to delivering the freshest food products has acquired ‘The Food’, Korea’s leading traditional side dish delivery service. Following the acquisition, the company announced that it will commence services in household convenience goods as of 23rd November.

The Food commenced started in 2005 and since launching the traditional Korean side dish shopping mall has become the leader in this service. To date the company has fulfilled over 700 thousand orders accounting for more than US$17m (KRW 20b) in sales revenue.

In addition to adding household convenience products, The Food also plans to add more traditional Korean recipes including soups and services that increase the convenience of users whilst maintaining a high level of freshness in the food quality. The acquisition has enabled Baemin to take on The Food’s 10 years of experience in servicing traditional Korean side dishes. This experience is used to produce over 2,500 types of side dishes which are delivered to households in the same manner milk is routinely delivered.

Cho Song Woo from Baemin commented, “The custom of ordering side dishes, food and soups is no longer unusual. Baemin aims to provide the highest quality foods to support the busy lifestyles of modern families”.

Baemin provides over 3 thousand types of fresh foods from side dishes, soups, salad, bread, juice, vegetables and fruit. For 2016, the company aims to turnover US$13m (KRW 15b).

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