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Overall Assistance for Startup Immigration System(OASIS) is a program operated by Global Startup Immigration Center designated by the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Small and Medium Venture Businesses. Develop your entrepreneurial skills with OASIS courses, and learn from those who've been there and done it before with our guides.

OASIS provides both startup support and startup visa(D-8-4, D-9-1) to foreigners who decide to launch business in Korea based on outstanding ideas and technology.

Please review the Annual Schedule for OASIS and register for notification of reception.

신청방법 및 대상

신청기간 2024.01.23(화) 18:00 ~ 2024.10.31(목) 18:00 까지

신청방법 온라인 접수 : 접수 바로가기

신청대상 Foreign residents who with to get visas and establish their corporations or starts up in Korea(A legal visa is a must)

 신청 시 요청하는 정보(개인정보포함)는 사업운영기관에서 관리되오니 이점 반드시 유의하여 주시기 바랍니다.


Please check the details on the website below.

Application form, Business plan, etc... (https://seoulglobalcenter.startup-plus.kr/)

 제출하신 서류는 사업운영기관에서 관리되오니 서류 반환 등 문의는 해당 기관으로 하시기 바랍니다.

선정절차 및 평가방법

Please check the details on the website below.

We'll contact you for course availability information after Submit the application form. (https://seoulglobalcenter.startup-plus.kr/)


Please check the details on the website below.

Depends on program. (https://seoulglobalcenter.startup-plus.kr/)




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