Daliworks Raises $2M from Strategic Investor
2015년 12월 17일

스크린샷 2015-12-17 오전 9.32.46

Daliworks, an unique IoT platform service provider in Korea, announced an investment of US$ 2 million from Strategic investor. Strategic investor has made this investment to Daliworks for its exponential growth in IoT cloud platform, ThingPlus(Thing+), and will expand its IoT market with differentiated product portfolio and competitiveness.

Daliworks IoT platform will expand its business to global market by providing SaaS based IoT platform and ready to use and customer friendly service. Additionally, ThingPlus provides open API to support developer for its open hardware.

Daliworks plans to use the funding in telecommunication marketing of domestic and global customer to boost ThingPlus global market.

Soonho Lee, CEO of Daliworks, highlights that “We are glad to have a great marketing partner with telecommunication conglomerate. Not only financial support to enhance ThingPlus platform but also creating market with strategic investor by exploring great opportunities in global and domestic IoT market. Collaborations with IoT hardware manufactures will build ThingPlus eco-system and share bearing fruits with strategic investor and partners.”

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