Kono Labs releases artificial intelligence scheduler ‘Kono’
2015년 09월 28일


Kono Labs the developer of an artificial intelligence scheduling service, released their native iOS app Kono for both Apple and Android in USA and Korea. Kono works with calendars inbuilt into smartphones like Google Calendar and simplifies the task of scheduling appointments.

By selecting the type of meeting and with whom, the app provides available time slot and locations and send the invitation through mobile phishing in place of email and text message.

The app possesses 'Smart Reminder' capability that provides automatic alert based on the situational information and the users current location.  The app has been programmed to provide information like estimated time to destination, alerts on when to leave and reach the destination.

Additionally, the app has machine learning ability that adapts to an indivudal to provide the optimises location and time based alerts, associated automatic alerts and capability to link to apps with a single click.

Yun Jeong Min from Kono Labs said, "For the busy modern day being, time is the most valuable asset. Our aim is to minimise needless time consuming tasks so that time can be devoted to more important tasks". Min added "We will monitor the response from users and adapt quickly to any specific requirements".

The Kono Lan team is made up of various experienced and talented technology leaders like Min Yoon Hwa from Daum and Song Min Chul who was the development team leader of NHN - SKT.

In April Kono Labs was selected at the Silicon Valley accelerator 500Startups for investments. Following this investment, the compmay has worked on the development of the current product. Aside from accelerator 500Startups, Lee Taek Kyoung from Mash Up Angels has also provided invesment.

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