Smart Big-Screen Game Maker ‘CSP Media’ Aims For Europe Market
2016년 03월 21일


Korean game contents maker 'CSP Media' with its purpose to enter the European market, is producing big screen games in 2016 Cebit Hannover.

CSP Media game solution connects user's smartphones with a smart TV (including TV with OTT or a Setup Box) offering an opportunity to play multiplayer games using smartphone as a console.

CSP Media has successfully entered the Chinese market through contracts with Chinese platform providers including the biggest Chinese TV game publisher Wocheng, Taiwan HF Net, Chinese MGT, and Togic. An official launch date for Smart TV platforms such as Xiaomi, LeTV is scheduled on the 5th of May 2016.

CSP Media currently offers 6 kinds of games. 'Space runner' for example requires players to shake their smartphone or to breathe out air into the microphone of smartphone. The game 'Hi-Q' is a game which requires fast reaction, where players battle against each other, solving logical and creative questions.

In 2016 it aims to launch 19 games (including 9 games with external co-partners), which focuses not only adult players but also children. CSP Media's children focused games are to be developed for education purposes. Additionally, a social casino game for adult groups will be launched soon.

At 2016 Cebit Hannover, CSP Media is seeking opportunities with the company Venz in order to launch its games in Europe.

The CEO of CSP Media, Ray Yoo strongly believes that with the growth of Smart TV market, the demand of game contents which can be played at home would increase. With the success in the Chinese market, it aims to enter the European market with diverse and more customer friendly games for European consumers.

CSP Media was created in March of 2013 and it currently has 14 employees and asset of 700 thousand dollars.


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