Now Kakao delivers fresh oranges into your house
2015년 11월 12일

kakao jeju

Kakao will launch a pilot program called Kakao Farmer to deliver mandarin oranges produced in Jeju Island todeliver it to consumers when it is in its most delicious state. The pilot operation that began Tuesday will only be offered for three months.

A 11-pound box (5kg box) of mandarin oranges will cost around $13 including delivery fees and the tangerines can be purchased through Kakao platform with kakao pay. Additionally Kakao has prepared 750 tons of oranges to be shipped to customers which is approximately 0.14 percent of the total amount produced on Jeju Island every year.

Kakao Farmer can be seen to support Jeju island's economy for farmer's in Jeju to transform the distribution system into more advanced one.

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