K Cube Ventures invests into first person shooting game developer, Saltlab
2015년 10월 13일


K Cube Ventures, which specializes in investments into mobile, internet and technology companies confirmed on the 13th of October an investment of US1.7m (KRW 2b) into Saltlab a first person shooting game developer.

Saltlab was formed in 2007 by gathering  top talent with experiences in famous award winning Korean games 'Aba', 'Metro Conflict' and 'Red Doc'. Most team members have more than 10 year experience in the genre of  first person shooting game, in either development or operations. The many years of first person shooting game experience has enabled the company to apply their specialised skills in unreal engine that creates high performance graphics optimized for mobile platforms.

Saltlab are planning their formal service launch in late 2016.  The company will be the first in Korea to provide high end graphics capable unreal engines for mobile first person shooting games. High expectation are on the release of the game which is expected to feature high level of 3D graphics coupled with a strong story-line.

Different to other games, the development will focus on core 'mobility' which allows mobile interface players to effectively control movements and navigate through monsters, dungeons, traps and different climates.  The PvP character control features will enable arch enemies controlled by other players to face off with each other.  In particular 1:1 PvP method is expected to be a vast improvement on existing first person shooting games. The game is also expected to feature PvE which will allow players to develop their characters and add new elements in a role playing atmosphere.

Kim Sae Ung representative of Saltlab siad, "Recently there have been many first person shooting games released. There is much interest in this genre to which wish to add a mobile optimized UI first person shooting game that can users will enjoy and recognize".

Shin Min Gyun from K Cube Ventures commented, "The team of Saltlab have many years experience in unreal engine and first person shooting genre. We have high expectations of success by combining role playing the game will be different to others and offer a different type of enjoyment to players".

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