K-cube ventures
K Cube ventures and Stone Bridge Capital invest into Korean O2O laundry service startup Washon
2016년 03월 17일

Mobile, Game and Technology investment specialist, K Cube Ventures and Stone Bridge Capital have invested US$860k (KRW 1b) into Washon, a laundry service operator. Washon is an on-demand laundry service allowing its users to select collection and return times that are most convenient for them. This O2O (online to offline) came to fruition after Chae J00 Byung, an experienced laundry operator joined forces with IT professionals with experiences working with Naver, Oracle…

K Cube Venture invests into Korean mobile game developer Affinity
2015년 12월 02일

2nd December 2015 – K Cube Ventures, investment specialists in mobile, internet and technology have invested US$690k (KRW 800m) into mobile game developer Affinity. Affinity is the developer of mobile game Historia. The Affinity team were specially brought together by Song In Su, the previous director of Joy City, who sought to bring individuals with success in creating popular games. The key team members have an impressive combined experience in creating popular…

K Cube Ventures invests into first person shooting game developer, Saltlab
2015년 10월 13일

K Cube Ventures, which specializes in investments into mobile, internet and technology companies confirmed on the 13th of October an investment of US1.7m (KRW 2b) into Saltlab a first person shooting game developer. Saltlab was formed in 2007 by gathering  top talent with experiences in famous award winning Korean games ‘Aba’, ‘Metro Conflict’ and ‘Red Doc’. Most team members have more than 10 year experience in the genre of  first person shooting game, in either development…

Virtual pet app Hello Pet receives investment from K Cube Ventures
2015년 09월 08일

Mobile, internet and technology investment specialists, K Cube Ventures has invested US$250k (KRW 300m) into Apple Pie Studies, a startup dealing in social pet services. Apple Pie Studios allows users to interact and nurture for virtual pets through their social pet service, HelloPet. Kan Ho Young the company representative utilises his diverse experience covering social and language to mingle colleagues from various aspects of the business covering planning, development and operations from the…

Auto pilot drone Uvify wins $250k investment from K Cube Ventures
2015년 09월 02일

Uvify a startup specializing in the development of autonomous unmanned drone technologies, has won an investment deal with K Cube Ventures.  This deal was confirmed on the 2nd September by K Cube Ventures who are widely known as leaders in technology investments. The investment deal is thought to be worth a quarter million US dollars. Aside from the K Cube Ventures investment, Uvify has secured further investments from two state run agencies with…

Daum Kakao Accelerates Mobile Innovation; shifts from current Co-CEO structure to single CEO
2015년 08월 12일

Daum Kakao announced that it nominated Ji Hoon Rim, current CEO of K Cube Ventures, as the new CEO of Daum Kakao. In order to swiftly drive change and innovation in the rapidly evolving mobile era, the company has decided to shift from a co-CEO structure to a single CEO structure. The strategic decision is expected to help bring out the company’s full potential following its merger last October. Ji Hoon Rim, CEO…

‘A-33 Studio,’ A Seoul Based Gaming Startup, Aims To Revolutionize Moble Gaming
2014년 12월 16일

K Cube Ventures recently announced a $700,000 investment into mobile game developer ‘A-33 Studio.’ With this investment A-33 Studio will focus on ramping up their mobile FPS game production and aim to be ready to release their first title by end of next year. The title is named ‘Project S’ for now, and is an ambitious plan to maximize online mobile FPS game experience by integrating a fully optimized user interface along…

As Korea’s Bitcoin Indutry Matures, ‘Inside Bitcoins Conference & Expo 2014’ Comes To Seoul
2014년 11월 12일

Developments in the Bitcoin industry in Korea have been attracting both local and global interest in the last 18 months or so and now three key Bitcoin startups are rising to the challenges of bringing virtual currencies into the mainstream in the world’s most wired country. With investment from some of Silicon Valley’s key Bitcoin supporters, KORBIT has moved from operation as a Bitcoin exchange and is now addressing how to work with offline…

Check Out These Two Korean Gaming Startups That Got Funded Today
2014년 11월 05일

Gaming in Korea has enjoyed around 15 years of great success. Among Korea’s top performing gaming ‘startups’ of the last 15 to 20 years are several that have achieve well over billion dollar valuations. These include NCSoft ($1.2Bn), Nexon ($3.7Bn), Com2US ($1.3Bn), and Devsisters ($755M) which just went public this month. Smilegate, another domestic star, is still private and its estimated valuation is creeping towards $4Bn. Where other areas of software innovation…

Pet Care In Korea Gets A Boost, As K Cube Ventures Invests In ‘Companimals’
2014년 10월 29일

Despite a rather dodgy name that mashes ‘companion and animals’, Companimals is showing promise, capitalizing on a rapidly growing pet market in Korea. The Seoul-based startup has just announced a $400k investment from K Cube Ventures to make pets and their owners in Korea more happy. While Koreans love their pets, it is a country where people barely have time to look after themselves, so services that can please pets and owners…

Korean Bitcoin Startup Devign Lab Secures Investment From K-Cube Ventures
2014년 10월 07일

K Cube Ventures, an early stage investment firm in Seoul, announced today that they have invested about $200K in Bitcoin startup ‘Devign Lab’. Devign Lab has developed a bitcoin market called Coinone. Devign Lab claims to be the first web based home trading system (HTS) in South Korea and aims to provide up to date bidding/contract information for users. Their one click payment system ‘Coinpay’ provides payment services with a 0% transaction fee. Their mobile application is currently in…

K CUBE Ventures: How This VC Became a Startup’s Best Friend

Investing in Korean startups can be a tough job for Venture Capitalists. Despite amazing growth over the last two to three in the venture ecosystem, we will have to wait for a further five years or more to see the fruits of this second push for a creative economy in Korea over the last ten years. As we know, VCs base their earning potential on few successful investments that can generate enormous…

Bolstered By Private & Public Investment, Qaster A ‘Smart’ Social Q&A Service From Korea Mines Twitter
  ·  2014년 03월 25일

WIV Labs, a data & social analytics startup which received almost $1M early stage investment from K-Cube Ventures and SMBA (Korean Government), today announced the beta launch of its social Q&A service Qaster (qaster.com). Qaster is the first and only service to archive questions and answers from the 500 million messages generated on Twitter daily. The company aggregates this data and allows users to search through its website. Qaster makes useful Q&As…

K-CUBE벤처스 임지훈 대표의 스타트업 이야기, "스타트업 교과서에 실릴만한 '핀콘'의 성공스토리"
  ·  2013년 03월 27일

임지훈 대표가 말하는 ‘핀콘의 성공 스토리로 들여다 본 스타트업의 성공 조건’

"벤처캐피탈은 언제 만나면 좋을까요?", 케이큐브벤처스 임지훈 대표의 벤처 이야기
  ·  2013년 03월 13일

“벤처캐피탈은 언제 만나면 좋을까요?”, “얼만큼의 준비를 하고 나서 VC에게 연락을 해야 하나요?” 한국 대표 VC, 케이큐브벤처스 임지훈 대표의 속 시원한 해결책을 소개합니다.

K-CUBE Ventures, 실리콘밸리 스타트업 '퍼펙트선데이'에 10만불 투자
2013년 03월 06일

김범수 의장과 임지훈 대표가 설립한 엔젤형 벤처캐피탈 ‘케이큐브벤처스(K-CUBE Ventures)’는 주식회사 ‘퍼펙트선데이(박신영 대표)’에 10만불을 투자했다고 밝혔다. 케이큐브벤처스는 최근 주식회사 두나무의 투자에 이어 일주일 만에 후속 투자업체를 공개해 업계의 이목을 집중시키고 있다.

케이큐브벤처스, 뉴스메이트 개발사 ‘두나무’에 2억원 투자
  ·  2013년 02월 27일

김범수 의장과 임지훈 대표가 설립한 엔젤형 벤처캐피탈 케이큐브벤처스는 주식회사 두나무(이해일, 송치형 공동대표)에 2억원을 투자하게 됐다고 27일 밝혔다. 케이큐브벤처스는 지난 달 투자했던 드라이어드에 이어 올해 들어 두 번째 초기 스타트업 투자를 진행했다.

김범수의장이 투자한 ‘빙글’, 글로벌 SNS 모바일 앱 출시
  ·  2013년 02월 26일

지난 22일 실리콘밸리에 기반을 둔 ‘빙글’이 소셜 미디어 큐레이션 서비스인 빙글 모바일 앱을 출시했다. 새로운 소셜 미디어의 등장에 실리콘밸리 및 업계의 관심이 뜨겁다. ‘빙글’은 사업 초기 김범수의장이 설립한 엔젤형 벤처캐피탈 ‘케이큐브벤처스’로부터 투자를 유치하며 주목 받기 시작했다. 이번 빙글 모바일 앱 출시는 100만 명에 달하는 기존 빙글 웹 서비스 사용자를 비롯해 새로운 모바일 고객 확보에도 큰 영향을 미칠 것으로 예상된다.

K-Cube Ventures Invest 500M In Game Developer ‘Dryad’
2013년 01월 30일

Jimmy Lim (CEO of K-Cube Ventures) and Bum-Su Kim (Chairman of Kakao Talk) have invested 500M KRW in a new mobile gaming startup, Dryad January 31 2013. Dryad have not yet got round to setting up a website, such is the speed of their ascent.

[이편집장의 오늘 하루] 카카오톡의 오늘 점심 메뉴는?
2012년 07월 19일

이편집장의 오늘 하루 주제는 바로 카카오톡 구내 식당의 돈까스 카레 덮밥입니다. 대한민국 대표 모바일 벤처 카카오톡 직원들의 점심 식사가 궁금하실 분들을 위해 이편집장이 찰칵찰칵 맛난 돈까스 카레 덮밥 사진을 담아 왔답니다.