beGLOBAL SF 2015, a Networking Ground for Silicon Valley Investors and Asia Startups
2015년 10월 05일

Since beginning in 2012 as beLAUNCH, beGLOBAL has grown and successfully concluded the seventh startup conference beGLOBAL in both Korea and the U.S. To date, the event has been attended by 15,000 people from over 25 countries. To more than 4,000 startups, the event has become a global networking platform.

beGLOBAL SF 2015 will be held in San Francisco, on the 15th of October and will provide an opportunity for Korean domestic startups to network with American investors. Likewise, the conference provides American and Foreign investors with valuable insight into the Asian startup market as well as provide new business opportunities.

The beGLOBAL San Francisco event is now less than three weeks away. In usual fashion, the startup and investor targeted event will feature speakers from leading technology companies and investors alike who will also participate in the judging panel of the ‘startup battle’.

The beGLOBAL San Francisco speakers and judging panel are introduced below.


David Richter

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Uber.

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Cyril Ebersweiler

Founder of hardware accelerator startup, HAXLR8R.
Specialist in hardware startup ecosystem.

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Troy Malone

General Manager of Evernote’s Asia Pacific Region,
with extensive experience in the Asian market including Korea and Japan.

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Kevin Laws

Chief Operating Officer of Angelist, an American startup investment and employment platform.
Angelist modernizes traditional methods of investment.

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Matt Kaufman

Head of Operations for Crunchbase, the world’s first platform providing startup information.
Matt is a specialist in startup trend analysis.

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Tim Chang

Tim Chang the Managing Director of Mayfield Fund, a Forbes 100 ‘Most Influential VCs and Angels’, company.
Tim’s industries of specialty include healthcare, software and games.

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Eric Kim

Managing Partner and a founder of Goodwater Capital,
which have invested into both Kakao and Coupang.

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Yusuke Asakura

Founder of Japanese social network Mixi (former), and of Tokyo Founders Fund.
Yusuke is active in the investment scene.

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Jay Eum

Managing Director of Translink Capital.
An influential investor active in the Asian and Korean markets.

스크린샷 2015-10-03 오후 8.03.38

  • Steve Hoffman – Founder of accelerator program Founders Space and specialist in UX·UI.
  • Changsu Lee – Publisher and Analyst at 5 Rocks startup TapJoy since it’s post sale operations. He is also the Managing Director of insight analysis department.
  • Danny Crichton – Specialist contributor to TechCrunch, and with experience working in Korea is an investor for Charles River Ventures.
  • David Lee – An early stage member of Google Korea as the Managing Director of the Asian Market. Current role is in operations and investments.
  • Gunso Kim – Former Chief Information Officer for the city of Seoul, and Secretary-Genrearl of WeGO (The World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments).
  • Christine Tsai – Member in founding teams of 500 Startups. An active global investor.
  • Jay Nath – Chief Innovation Officer of San Francisco. His mission is the bring productive operations and transparency to businesses.
  • Pui-Wing Tam - Technology editor and writer for New York Times, Bloomberg and Wallstreet Journal.
  • Eugene Yi – In charge of Asia Public Policy at Twitter Asia.

Other attending company representatives include Top Tier Capital Partners, Yamaha Motor Ventures , DeNA, SVB Capital, Strong Ventures, BootstrapLabs, BeNative, SFAsia, Orrick, Xfund and other field specialists.

20 startups booths at the beGLOBAL San Francisco conference will provide networking opportunities between startups and investors. Ten of these startups will be given the opportunity to present to a panel of judging investors.

The third annual 'beGLOBAL San Francisco' conference will be held in 'The Village' in the CBD of San Francisco, U.S. The event will start at 9:00 and conclude by 21:00. The event will host 19 of the top Korean startups, 20 special guests and provide an opportunity to network. In total there are over 500 people expected to attend the event.

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